International Competition for Young Musicians ‘Ohrid Pearls’

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15/06/2024 - 20/06/2024
Ohrid, North Macedonia
Chamber music | Piano | Violin

“OHRID PEARLS” – International competition of young musicians has been held every year since 2002 in the beautiful setting of Lake Ohrid. We believe that music competitions stimulate passionate musicianship. For many young people, they’re a first glimpse of performing in public, playing in ensembles, or of breaking out of traditional repertoire. Every year, number of young musicians take part in our competitions. The competition and the seminars during it, are an important and constant part of music education of young musicians. The purpose of the competition is to activate extraordinarily talented pupils and students, to notice the level of progress of music education, and to enable gifted pupils to become professional artists.



International Competition for Young Musicians ‘Ohrid Pearls’


The age limit is up to 25 years old.
The structure of the competition depends on the category – one, two or three rounds followed by a group final.


Every year

Next deadline

15th April 2024


Required documents:

  • A filled out application form with an attached short biography of the applicant;
  • Youtube link or links to a preselection video recording (does not apply to solo pre-categories as well as all chamber music categories);
  • Copy of an ID document (passport, personal ID card or birth certificate);
  • Complete performance repertoire;
  • One photo (passport size) obligatory;
  • Address;
  • Phone and e-mail address (if applicable);
  • Paid entrance fee (online payment)
  • Paid piano accompaniment fee (if requested in the application);
  • Payment of the participation and piano accompaniment fees and will be conducted online via banking card. The payment link is available on our website.
  • Solo categories A, B, C and D which have a preselection round will pay only 50% of the entrance fee upon registration. Only those participants that pass the preselection round will be required to pay the other 50% of the participation fee (also online via banking card).
  • Pre-category and chamber music categories pay the full amount at the time of registration.
  • Competitors which have not paid the entrance fee will be excluded from participating in the competition.
  • In cases of cancellations by the competitors the entrance fee is nonrefundable.
  • The application process will be done completely online through a Google registration form available on our website ohridskibiseri.org.mk


  • The competition features an online preselection round for solo categories A, B, C and D.
  • Solo pre-categories and all chamber music categories do not have an online preselection round and applicants in those categories are admitted directly to the competition.
  • The requirements for the preselection program are stated in the competition program for each discipline and category.
  • The preselection program should be recorded in video format (all kinds of quality, even phone recordings are acceptable) and uploaded to YouTube and the link or links to the videos should be pasted into the corresponding field of the online registration form.
  • Participants which pass the preselection round will be notified by e-mail.


  • The competition is open to musicians of all nationalities.
  • The winners of the grand prix “Ohrid Pearls” from the previous editions of the competition are not allowed to participate again in the competition.
  • The competition is public without any compensation for radio and TV broadcasting, including internet streaming. The recordings are in permanent ownership of the competition organizers which shall use them according to their needs.
  • The mandatory compositions in the solo disciplines must be performed by memory.
  • The prizes are non-divisible and will be awarded to one competitor only (with the exception of pre-category where the number of prizes is not limited).
  • Repetition of any composition from one round to the next is not allowed. The competitor is obligated to present the full score of the composition which he/she is performing at the request of the competition organizers.
  • Every competitor will have scheduled rehearsal time at the competition venue prior to their performance.
  • The organizers will provide practice rooms for the competitors from the time of their arrival in Ohrid till the time of their performance.
  • The competitors are required to register in the competition office (at the Music School “Metodi Patce”- Ohrid, “Nikola Karev st.” no. 4, 6000 Ohrid, North Macedonia) at least one day prior to their performance.
  • All the competitors are obligated to present a confirmation of paid entrance fee before their performance at the request of the competition organizers.
  • The rules and regulations of this competition are published in two languages – Macedonian and English. The Macedonian text takes precedence in any dispute concerning the interpretation of the Competition rules and regulations.

The International Competition for young musicians “Ohrid Pearls” is open to the following instruments and ensembles:
Solo: Violin and Piano
Chamber Music for wind instruments: Duo Piano (four hands), Duo (two string instruments), Piano trio (violin, violoncello, piano) and String quartet.

Contestants can participate in the following categories according to their age group:

Categories for solo violin and piano Categories for Chamber Music 
Pre-category – born in year 2013 or younger

Category A – born in year 2010  or younger

Category B – born in year 2007  or younger

Category C – born in year 2003 or younger

Category D – born in year 1997 or younger

Category A – born in year 2010  or younger

Category B – born in year 2007  or younger

Category C – born in year 2003  or younger

Category D – born in year 1997 or younger



The following diplomas will be awarded in all categories and disciplines:

  • First prize diploma
  • Second prize diploma
  • Third prize diploma
  • Acknowledgement diploma

The prizes in the solo disciplines in categories B, C and D as well as in the chamber music disciplines in categories A, B and C are non-divisible and will be awarded to one competitor only.

Every competitor will receive a diploma for participation.

Cash Prizes

The following cash prizes will be awarded to the competitors that participate in the final concert:

First prize: 3000 € – Grand Prix “Ohrid Pearls” and Golden plaque

Second prize: 2000 € – Silver plaque

Third prize: 1000 € – Bronze plaque


“Tomislav Zografski” foundation

The “Tomislav Zografski” foundation will award a special prize for the best performance of a piece by the Macedonian composer Tomislav Zografski (as a free integrated part of the program).

The award is consisted of a Diploma and a replica of a traditional Macedonian ornament.

Socom and Smum Prizes

Socom – The Composers Association of Macedonia awards a prize of 100 € for the best performance of a piece by a Macedonian composer (as a free integrated part of the program).

Smum- The Association of Music Artists of Macedonia awards a prize to the best ranking  Macedonian performers . The prize consist of a concert at the GOLDEN LIRA music festival.

San Francisco state university – USA

The San Francisco state university will grant 2 scholarships for the best violinists.


Prize winners

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