As a non-profit organisation registered under German Law, EMCY receives funding from the European Commission. We’re run by an international board elected every four years at our General Assemblies, with our office based in Munich (Germany).

General Assembly

The EMCY General Assembly gathers, in general, every two years in a different European country at the invitation of an EMCY Member Competition.

The next General Assembly will take place in the framework of the Conference INTER-NATIONAL net_works+ in Luxembourg 2018.

Recent General Assemblies have irreen held in:

2016 Vilnius (Lithuania) National Lithuanian Balys Dvarionas Piano & String Competition, the International Balys Dvarionas Competition for Young Pianists and the International Jascha Heifetz Competition for Violinists (and INTER-NATIONAL net_works+).

You can read more here and read the brochure here.

2014 Luxembourg City (Luxembourg) Concours Luxembourgeois pour Jeunes Solistes & European Competition for Young Soloists (and interNATIONAL net_works! meeting)

2012 Ohrid (Macedonia) Competition of the United Music and Dance Teachers of Macedonia

2010 Heerlen (Netherlands) Charles Hennen Concours: International Chamber Music for Strings

2008 Kiev (Ukraine) International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz

2006 St Petersburg (Russia) Mravinsky International Competition for Youth

2004 Dubrovnik (Croatia) HDGPP (Croatian national competition)

2002 Altea (Spain) Juventudes Musicales de España

For more information on the legal status of the General Assembly, see the EMCY Statutes.


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+49 89 871 002 42
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EMCY Board

The EMCY Board is elected every four years at our General Assembly.

It consists of five members and both national and international competitions are represented.

Board members are active in representing EMCY and its member competitions, for instance in visiting current or prospective member competitions, and work closely with the EMCY Office.

The Board meets regularly in different locations around Europe.

The actual members of the board are listed below.


Paul Scholer
+49 89 871 002 42 paul.scholer@ugda.lu
Vice President for National Competitions
Maria Slaninova
Vice President for International Competitions
Justas Dvarionas
Board Member for National Competitions
Àngels Civit Fons
Board Member for International Competitions
Boris Svetiev
EMCY Office

The EMCY Office is located in Munich (Germany) and is generously hosted by the German Music Council and its national competition Jugend musiziert.


Secretary General
Sophie Duhnkrack
+49 89 871 002 20 sophie.duhnkrack@emcy.org
Project Manager
Manuela Matran
+49 89 871 002 42 fsj@emcy.org
European Volunteer
Giovanna Bottino
+49 89 871 002 42 evs@emcy.org
Honorary Members

The EMCY General Assembly can appoint Honorary Members in recognition of outstanding service to EMCY and to young musicians throughout Europe.

Up until now the following persons have been awarded Honorary Membership:

Camille Swinnen †
Dr Eckart Rohlfs
Dr Jordi Roch
Peter Weinstock