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Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Two Ukrainian harpists, Larisa Klievtsova and Veronika Lemishenko, had the idea to create an unique competition in Ukraine.  This dream became reality thanks  to the support of Valeriy Altuknov, the director of Kharkiv High Music School and Yuri Yanko, director and chief conductor of the Kharkiv State Philharmonic. The first open harp competition took place in 2006 and by 2014, the project had evolved. In 2017, the first International Glowing Harp Competition received applications from nine different countries, the next one, in  2019, from ten different countries. “Glowing Harp” is much more than an international harp competition. It includes festival, masterclasses, recitals and other musical events.

The competition has several age categories: from beginners, to professional harpists and the repertoire includes works by composers of different epochs, also works by Ukrainian composers. The senior competition is held in two stages, the final with orchestra.

General sponsor of the competition since 2019 – “Les Harpes Camac”.



International Competition “Glowing Harp”


The participants should be up to 25 years old. The competitors are divided in five groups.
The competition has one round for the first two categories and two rounds for the last three categories.


Every two years

Next competition

TBA 2023


Next deadline

TBA 2023



Each applicant must:

1) fill in an application form by 15.04.2021
2) enclose an entry fee until 15.04.2021

You can send the application online, or download the application form and send it with other required documents to glowingharp@gmail.com.

The entry fee is different in each category (Debut – 20€, I – 40€, II – 60€, III – 80€, IV – 100€). By sending the application form the participants declare that they approve the terms and conditions mentioned in the regulations.

The application fee cannot be returned

The following documents should be attached to the application form:
– an electronic copy of the applicant´s passport, stating the applicant´s name, date of birth and passport number
– two portrait photographs of the applicant
– a recommendation from a teacher
– a creative biography
– the musical program





The participants should be up to 25 years old. The competitors are divided in five groups (Debut, I, II, III, IV).

All works should be performed from memory, except for the specially written piece in category IV. Programmes may not be changed after they have been submitted.

All competition’s stages are open to the public. The final rounds of categories ІІ, ІІІ and IV are with orchestra.

In categories II, III and IV, no more than five candidates per category shall pass to the final.

All potential contestants are eligible to apply for any category in which their age does not exceed the category limit. For stage 1, the time limit in each category means total minutes of music.

Harps (pedal and lever) and individual practice times are provided to active contestants. Participants may also use their personal instruments at their own liability and cost.

Each participant will have an opportunity to practice one hour on the harp that he will choose after the registration in the order according to their audition schedule. Practice time on the other harps will be provided from 18 April 2021.

All costs associated with participation are paid by the participants or sponsoring organizations.


“Debut” Category: up to 8 years old (1 stage)

  • 2-4 varying pieces including “Cuckoo and Woodpecker” by V.Tikhonova*, up to 5 min total time


Category I: up to 11 years old (1 stage)

  • 2-4 varying pieces including piece by V. Tikhonova*, 5-10 min total time (choose one):
    “Teddy bear walks for breakfast”
    “Hedgehog and ants”
    “Rabbit’s dance”
    “Humble-bee and grasshopper”

Category II: up to 14 years old (2 stages)

1st Stage, 10-15 min total time

  • A composition of the Baroque or Classical period
  • A virtuoso piece written in a period from Romantic to contemporary
  • M.Skoryk. Memory

2nd Stage, accompanied by chamber orchestra

  • G.Ch.Wagenseil – Harp concerto G-dur I part (no repeats)


Category III: up to 18 years old  (2 stages)

1st Stage, 15-20 min total time

  • A composition of Baroque or Classical period
  • A virtuoso piece written in a period from Romantic to contemporary
  • E.Andreev. “Souvenir

2nd Stage, accompanied by chamber orchestra

  • G.F. Handel. Harp competition in B flat Major, op.4 n6 HWV 294 (any edition, no repeats)


Category IV: up to 25 years old (2 stages)

1st Stage, 20-30 min total time

  • A composition of Baroque or Classical period
  • A virtuoso piece written in a period from Romantic to the beginning of XX century
  • A contemporary piece written from the middle of XX century
  • Special written piece by E.Andreev (Abialable from 01.01.2021, the score will be provided after registration)

2nd Stage, accompanied by orchestra

  • R.Gliere. Harp concerto I part
  • Solo piece (choose one):
    M.Glinka / M.Balakirev. “The Lark”
    F.List / A.Alabiev. “Le Rossignol”


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