Viktoriia Smetana

All prize winners
EMCY prize
Nationality: Ukranian
Instrument: Harp
Date of birth 2005/08/11

Viktoriia Smetana was born on 11 August 2005 in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Started to play the harp at age 9 in class of professor Larysa Klievtsova in Kharkiv state musical lyceum, now Viktoriia is on her final year of lyceum’s study.

She took master-classes with Chantal Mathieu (France), Isabelle Perrin (France), Oscar Rodriges Do Campo (Argentina), Zoraida Avila Pena (Spain), Elizabeth Plank (Austria), Merve Kocabeyler (Turkey), Alina Bzhezhinska Lazorkina (Ukraine-UK), Jasmin-Isabel Kuhne (Germany), Hana Mullerova-Jouzova (Czech Republic), Viktor Hartobanu (Germany), Inita Neilande (Latvia).

In the last years Viktoriia Smetana has participated in numerous competition and festivals:

– XX International Music Festival “Visiting Aivazovsky”, Crimea, Ukraine 2013
– XX-XXVI International Music Festival of Performing Arts “Music – our common home”, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2013-2019
– International Festival of Classical Music “Slobozhanska Fantasy”, Sumy, Ukraine, 2014-2015
– II International scientific-practical conference of harpists “With a harp through time”, Kyiv Ukraine, 2013
– “Glowing Harp Fest”, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2014
– I Ukrainian competition of harpists “Harps chords Unites” in memory of Georgy Haase, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2015 (1st prize)
– I-IV International Music Festival “Visiting Gogol”, Myrhorod, Ukraine, 2015-18
– II International harp competition/festival named after Victoria Poltareva, Lviv, Ukraine, 2016
– I International harp competition “Glowing Harp“, Kharkiv, 2017 (I prize)
– XVII International competition-festival “Chords of Khortytsia”, Zaporizhia, Ukraine, 2017 (1st prize)
– I International Harp Competition in Porto, Portugal, 2017 (I prize)
– IX International Online Music Competition 2018, Belgrade, Serbia (I prize)
– II Zagreb Harp Competition, Croatia, 2018
– III International harp competition/festival named after Victoria Poltareva, Kyiv, 2019 (II prize)
– II International harp competition "Glowing Harp", Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2019 (I prize)
– VI open competition of young musicians-performers and composers “Kharkiv Assemblies”, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2019 (II prize)
– V open competition “Chamber Colors”, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2019) (soloist with orchestra – Grand-prix, chamber ensemble – II prize)
– Summer international music school Vienna Harp Days, Austria, 2019
– XI International Online Music Competition 2020, Belgrade, Serbia (I prize)
– World Bach Competition Boulder Bach Online Festival, USA, 2020 (honorable mention)
– V Hong Kong International Online Harp Competition, Hong Kong, 2020 (Gold Medal)
– II Dzidra Braze’s International Online Festival-Competition of Young Harpists, Riga, Latvia, 2020 (Grand-prix)
– XII Online Concorso Internazionale di Arpa “Marsel Tournier”, Cosenza, Italy, 2020 (II prize)
– International festival-competition Gold Europe / World Stars, Prague, Czech Republic, 2020 category (I prize)
– Open Online Festival “Harp Extravaganza”, Zhukovsky, Russia, 2021 (I prize)
– II Online International Competition of Performers on Orchestral String Instruments “TUTTE LE CORDE”, Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2021 (II prize)
– I Ukrainian competition-festival “Art Carol”, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, 2021 (Grand-prix)
– International harp competition “Glowing Harp“, Kharkiv, 2021 (II prize and EMCY prize)

If you are interested in working with Viktoriia, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.



P. Alvars, Mandoline
E. Andreev, Souvenir
Th. A. Arne, Sonata No VII in A Magor
J.S. Bach-I. Perrin, Suite №1
J.S. Bach-M. Grandjany, Bourree and Dauble burree
J. Charpentier, La Danse Devant L’arche
P. Chertok, Around the clock
C. Debussy, Reverie
F. Dizi, Etude №26
I. Dussek, Sonate
C. Finch, Mor Arianrhod
R. Glier/ K. Erdely, Impromptu for harp
M. Glinka, Nocturne
F. Godefroid, La Melancolie
G.F. Handel, Prelude and Toccata
A. Hasselmans, Gitare
J. Haydn/C. Salzedo, Theme and Variations
G. Kirchhoff, Aria and Rigaudon
R. Laparra, The Spanish Rithms
F.J. Naderman, Sonatine №6
A. Piazzolla, Milonga del Angel
J.PH. Rameau, L’Egyptienne
C. Salzedo, Concert Fantasy on Lara’s “Granada”
M. Skoryk, Memory
M. Tournier, Etude de concert “Au Matin”

Chamber music

I. Albeniz-M. Etcheverry, Granada for 2 harps
B. Andres, Dyades for 2 harps
M. Balakirev- D. Shostakovich, Polka for harp duet
G. Bizet, Pearl Seekers, Nadir’s Romance for 2 harps
C. Debussy, In the boat for harp duet
O. Ellis- Descanting – Canu Penillion, Cainc y Gododdin
C. Franck- D. Owens, Prelude, Fugue, Variation for 2 harps
E. Grieg, The Morning
M. Leontovich- Whit Dudley, Carol of the Bells for 4 harps
D. Milhaud – S. Chaloupka, “Brazileira” from Scaramouche for 3 harps
A. R. Ortiz- Cumbia Deliciosa for 3 harps
A. R. Ortiz, Danza de Luzma for 3 harps
J. Pachelbel-S. Woods- Pachelbel’s Canon for harp duet
S. O. Pratt, The Little Fountain
J. Press, Polka for 2 harps
H. Renier, Les pins de charlannes for 2 harps
C. Saint-Saëns, The swan
C. Saint-Saëns, Ave Maria
M. Shukh, Moz-art for violin and harp
J. Strauss, arr. K. Attl, Blue Danube Walts for 4 harps and cello

With orchestra

A. Baltin, Concertino for harp and orchestra
C. Debussy, Danses pour Harpe
H.F. Hendel-V. Dulova, Concerto for harp and orchestra
J. Rutter, Suite Lyrique
A. Vivaldi, Concerto in C Magor for Harp and string orchestra


Viktoria Smetana, 15 y.o., III category (Glowing Harp Competition)
Viktoria Smetana, 15 y.o., III category (Glowing Harp Competition)
Viktoria Smetana, 15 y.o., III category (Glowing Harp Competition)
Viktoria Smetana, 15 y.o., III category (Glowing Harp Competition)

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