Illia Ovcharenko

All prize winners
First Prize
Nationality: Ukranian
Instrument: Piano
Date of birth 2001/03/24

Born in Chernigov in a family of teachers, Illia started playing piano at the age of 8 and by the time he was 12 he has been invited to study at the most famous music school in Ukraine – Kiev Special Music Secondary school called after M.Lysenko in Kyiv to the class of Nataliia Gridneva and Andrii Lunov.

At the age of 9, he won the first competition and at 10 he gave a solo recital in the Philharmonic center of Ukraine. He received also the first experience of playing with an orchestra, performing Mozart piano concerto No.23 with them.

Illia graduated from Mykola Lysenko Secondary Special Music school in 2018. He is now pursuing a Bachelor degree at the Buchmann-Mehta school of music in Tel Aviv under the tutelage of Arie Vardi.

Since 2010 he became the winner of more than 20 piano competitions in Ukraine, Russia, Italy, France, Poland, Israel, Czech Republic, etc.  The latest achievements are: the first prize of the 12th International Horowitz Competition, the winner of the first prize and special prize at the International Piano Competition “Kyiv”, 2018 Ukraine, Mazda Pontoise and Festival Valse sur-Oise prizes of the Pontoise Piano Campus competition, 2018 France, laureate and winner of special prize of the 11th International piano competition for young pianists in memory of Arthur Rubinstein, 2017 Poland, winner of the Junior Academy Eppan, 2017 Italy, absolute winner of the Resonances International competition (group up to 25), 2017 France and laureate and winner of special prize of the International piano competition Vladimir Horowitz [Intermediate group], 2016 Ukraine.

If you are interested in working with Ilia, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.



J. S. Bach, Partita No.2 in C minor B.W.V.826
J. S. Bach, Preludes and Fugues
B. Bartok, Suite (Op.14)
L. Van Beethoven, Sonata (Op.2, No.3)
L. Van Beethoven, Sonata (Op.10, No.2)
L. Van Beethoven, Sonata (Op.13) “Pathethique”
L. Van Beethoven, Sonata (Op.51) “Waldstein”
L. Van Beethoven, Sonata (Op.81a) “Les Audiex”
F. Chopin, Ballade No. 1 (Op.23)
F. Chopin, Etudes (Op. 10, No.1, No.2,No.4 and No.5)
F. Chopin, Etudes (Op. 25, No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4, No.5, No.6, No.7, No.8, No.9,No.10, No.11 and No.12)
F. Chopin, Polonaise in A Major (Op. 53) “Heroic”
F. Chopin, Polonaise in C sharp minor (Op.26)
F. Chopin, Scherzo (Op.31, No.2)
F. Chopin, Nocturne (Op.72, No.2)
F. Chopin, Nocturne (Op.9, No.2)
F. Chopin, Nocturne (Op.48, No.1)
F. Chopin, Mazurka (Op.17, No.4) Lento ma non troppo in A minor
F. Chopin and F.Liszt, “ A maiden’s wish”
C. Debussy, Prelude No.22 “Canope”
C. Debussy, “Reflets dan leau” from “Images” 1-st book
A. Ginastera, Sonata No.1 C Major (Op.22)
J. Haydn, Sonata Hob.XVI/23
J. Haydn, Sonata Hob. XVI/60
J. Haydn, Variations in F minor Hob. XVII/6
F. Liszt, Gounoud «Faust Waltzer»
F. Liszt, Anees de Pelerinage 1 S.160 “Le cloches de Geneva”
F. Liszt, Consolation No.3  S.172
F. Liszt, Three concert etudes S.144 (No.3 “Un sospiro”)
F. Liszt, “Anees de Pelerinage” 2 S.141 “Sonetto del Petrarca 123”
F. Liszt, Sonata in B minor S.178
F. Liszt, Mephisto-Waltzer No.1 S.514
W. A. Mozart, Sonata in D Major K.311
W. A. Mozart, Sonata in C Major K.545
W. A. Mozart, Sonata in A minor K.310
F. Mompou, “Impresionas Intimas” No.1, 4, 7 and 8
N. Paganini and F.Liszt, Grandes Etudes de Paganini  S.141
N. Paganini and F.Liszt, Étude No.1 in G minor
N. Paganini and F.Liszt, Étude No.2 in E flat major
N. Paganini and F.Liszt, Étude No.3 in G flat minor (“La Campanella)
N. Paganini and F.Liszt, Étude No.4 in E Major
N. Paganini and F.Liszt, Étude No.5 in E Major
S. Prokofiev, Etude C minor (Op.4, No.3)
S. Rachmaninov, Sonata No.2 (2-nd edition) (Op.36)
S. Rachmaninov, Etudes (Op.33, No.8)
M. Ravel, “Ondine” from Gaspard de la nuit
D. Scarlatti, Sonata in A Major K.24 and L.495
D. Scarlatti, Sonata in E Major K.20 and L.375
D. Scarlatti, Sonata in F minor K.466 and L.118
D. Scarlatti, Sonata in E Major K.380 and L.23
F. Schubert and F. Liszt, ” Litanei Auf das Fest Alees Seelen”
F. Schubert and F. Liszt, “Aufenthalt”
R. Schumann, “Carnaval” (Op.9)
R. Schumann, “Blümenstück” (Op.19)
R. Schumann, Tausig “El Contrabandista”
A. Scriabin, Poeme “Vers la flamme” (Op.72)
K. Szymanowski, Cycle “Masques” (Op.34, No.3) “Serenade of Don Juan”
M. Silvansky, “Storm”

Chamber Music

J. Brams, Sonata for Violin and Piano No.3 in A minor (Op.108)
A. Dvorak, Piano Quintet in A Major (Op.81, B.155)
B. Franck, Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major No.1
A. Lavignac, “Galop-Marche” (version for 2 Pianos)
F. Mendelsohn, Piano trio No.1 in D minor (Op.49)
W. A. Mozart, Piano Trio in G Major K.546
M. Ravel, “La Valse” (version for 2 pianos)
C. Shostakovich, Piano Trio No.1 (Op.8)

With orchestra

D. Bartok, Concerto No.3 in E Major (Sz.119)
L. Van Beethoven, Concerto No.1 in C Major (Op.15)
F. Chopin, Piano concerto No.2 in F minor (Op.21)
J. Haydn, Concerto in D Major Hob.18/11
F. Liszt, Concerto No.1 in E flat Major (S.124)
W. A. Mozart, Concerto No.23 in A Major (K.488)
F. Mendelssohn, Concerto No.1 in G minor (Op.25)
B. Menuit, “Icare”
S. Rachmaninov, Concerto No.2 in C minor (Op.18)
C. Saint-Sains, Concerto No.2 in G minor (Op.22)
P. I. Tchaikovsky, Concerto No.1 in B flat minor (Op.22)


F. Liszt - “La Campanella”
F. Liszt - Sonata B minor
L. Van Beethoven - Sonata Op.81a “Les Audiex”

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