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April 1

When you think about a musical tour you expect just beautiful concerts, amazing music, infinite hours of rehearsals and long journeys…What you don’t expect, are the musicians approaching the audience, adapting their repertoire to the different kind of audience, to perform outside of music halls, to play with music as it were a game, to be amusing and playful.

Well, this tour was all about this unexpected aspects. The three young performing musicians, surprised their audience not only with their talent in mastering the piano, the saxophone and the violin, but also giving the possibility to the listeners to perceive their passion for classical music and to enjoy deeply the melodies of famous classical pieces from Chopin, Kapustin, Bach and others.

From 4th to 13th March the Discover music tour 2019 took place in Germany and Luxembourg. This annual event organised by EMCY in collaboration with UGDA Music School and the Flying Gorillas organisation has developed into an annual appointment that gives the opportunity to spread European values through music, thanks also to the support of the Erasmus + programme of the European Union.

Kiron Atom Tellian, 16 years old, from Austria, prize winner of Österreichische Jugendmusikwettbewerbe Prima la Musica and of Peter Toperczer International Piano Competition Košice, Hy-Huu Dang, 21 years old, from Luxembourg, prize winner of the Concours Luxembourgeois pour Jeunes Solistes & European Competition for Young Soloists and Georgios Banos, 18 years old, from Greece prize winner of Österreichische Jugendmusikwettbewerbe Prima la Musica, were the three young but amazingly skilled artists who performed these activities.

The Discover music tour was part of a larger project called ‘Solidarity in times of crisis’ and consisted of concerts and workshops with different kinds of audiences. The aims of this recurrent event are to endue the musicians with professional experience performing for different social groups and in the meantime, attract more unusual audiences to music.

As a result, at every concert and workshop, the audience left the venues expressing their enthusiasm and leaving positive comments, congratulating the musicians on the magical moments offered. This was a great pleasure and a fulfilling recognition for the organizers and for the performers.

After this great project, EMCY would like to take this occasion to thank, once more, everyone who took part or supported this event and made it possible. We are sure that this experience will leave a remarkable trace in everyone’s life and carry on the positive outcomes in the future.


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April 1