Österreichische Jugendmusikwettbewerbe prima la musica

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23/05/2020 - 02/06/2020
Feldkirch (Austria)
Chamber music | Strings

The competition aims to encourage children and young people who enjoy making and composing music and putting their musical skills to the test, and who want to achieve something special in music to participate and through this to find and promote as many musical talents as possible. It is one of the three competitions organised by ‘Musik der Jugend’.

At a conference of the state cultural representatives on 6th May 1994, the Austrian federal states decided to take on sole governing responsibility for the Austrian Youth Music Competitions MUSIK DER JUGEND (Music of Youth) with the support of the Federation, to set up a common office, and to carry out the competitions. The organisation and the functioning are regulated by an administrative agreement of the nine federal states and rules of internal procedure. The Board of Trustees is the deciding body on federal level. The expert jurisdiction rests with the Federal Expert Board.



Musik der Jugend


The participants should be up to 19 years old.
Regional stage followed by national final in a different Austrian town every year.


Every year

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The registration for the competition is exclusively online. Check here the age group calculator.

Age groups:

AG A 7 years or younger (only regional level)
AG B 8 – 9 years (only regional level)
AG I 10 – 11 years
AG II 12 – 13 years
AG III 14 – 16 years
AG IV 17 – 19 years



The competition is for young people who fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • Austrian citizenship
  • from South Tyrol
  • from Lichtenstein
  • permanent residency in Austria for at least 3 years
  • pupils of an Austrian school abroad.

The competition is held on state and national level. The laureates from the state competitions are invited to compete on the national level.



First prize winners of the regional competitions are invited to participate in the national competition.

All participants of the competition receive a certificate. All prize winners of the national competition receive a ”prima la musica” medal.

Special prizes are also awarded.



Visit original competition page www.musikderjugend.at

Prize winners