The 12th International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz – results

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May 8

The 12th International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz concluded the 2019 edition with a large success!
The competition was held from April 16th  to April 24th, 2019. The administration of the competition received applications from 11 countries of the world. Of the 27 applicants admitted to the first round, 3 canceled leaving 24 participants from 8 countries (Australia, United Kingdom, Armenia, Israel, Italy, Canada, China and Ukraine) who took part in the Competition.

The prize winners of the 12th edition for the intermediate group are:

Illia Ovcharenko (UA) – 1st Prize – $5,000 USA,
Dmytro Semykras (UA) – 2nd Prize – $2,500 USA,
Noah Zhou (UK) – 3rd Prize – $1,500 USA,
Caitlan Rinaldy (AU) – 4th Prize – $1,000 USA,
Shangjun Xu (PRC)  – 5th Prize – $700 USA,
Mariia Matsiievska (UA) – 6th Prize – $500 USA,

The winners of the special prizes are:

Special prizes of the Jury: Shangjun Xu (PRC);
EMCY Prize: Illia Ovcharenko (Ukraine);
International Charitable Fund of Vladimir Horowitz Competition: Oleksandr Luchkov (UA) and Davide Ranaldi (IT) and Noa Kapelyushnik (IL);
Prize by Marian Rybicki, Artistic Director of Animato Association (FR): Illia Ovcharenko (UA) and Shangjun Xu (PRC);
Prize by Natalya Pasichnyk, Director of the Ukrainian Institute in Sweden (Stockholm): Dmytro Semykras (UA) and Mariia Matsiievska (UA);
Special award of the Ukrainian radio (General Media Partners): Illia Ovcharenko (UA);
Radio “Aristocrats”: Illia Ovcharenko (UA), Dmytro Semykras (UA), Noah Zhou (UK) and Mariia Matsiievska (UA);
Charitable foundation “Open Music in the City”: Mariia Matsiievska (UA), Dmytro Semykras (UA) and Illia Ovcharenko (UA);

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The Jury members of the 12th International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz were: Oleksandr Zlotnyk (Ukraine) – the Chairman of Jury, Dina Yoffe (Israel), Francesco Libetta (Italy), Vanessa Latarche (United Kingdom), Wojciech Świtała (Poland), Tetiana Roshchyna (Ukraine) and Mykola Suk (USA).

EMCY would like to present the most sincere congratulations to all the competitors and to the organisators for this wonderful edition and its commitment to youth’s promotion in the classical musical field.

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May 8