Results of Menuhin Competition Geneva 2018

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May 31

Between 12th and 22nd April took place the Menuhin Competition in Geneva, Switzerland.

Since 1983 The Menuhin Competition has consistently attracted some of the greatest violin talents from all over the world and brought them together in an exceptional atmosphere of learning and exchange. Dubbed ‘the Olympics of the Violin’, the Menuhin Competition is the world’s leading competition for young musicians under the age of 22.

The EMCY prize winner of Menuhin Competition 2018 is Clara Shen, from Germany.

The prize winners of this edition are:


1st Prize: Diana Adamyan, Armenia, 18
2nd Prize: Nathan Mierdl, France / Germany, 20
3rd Prize: Hyunjae Lim, South Korea, 20
4th Prize: Tianyou Ma, China, 17
Audience Prize: Diana Adamyan, Armenia, 18
Arte Concert Online Prize: Nathan Mierdl, France / Germany, 20


1st Prize (joint): Chloe Chua, Singapore, 11 & Christian Li, Australia, 10
3rd Prize: Ruibing Liu, China, 13
4th Prize: Clara Shen, Germany, 12
5th Prize: Hina Khuong-Huu, USA / Japan / France, 13
6th Prize: Guido Sant’Anna, Brazil, 12
Audience Prize: Christian Li, Australia, 10
ARTE Concert Online Prize: Guido Sant’Anna, Brazil, 12

The next edition of Menuhin Competition will be in Richmond (VA) on 14-20 May 2020.

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May 31