Kloster Schöntal 2019 – results

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October 5

Last month the violin was in the spotlight at the International Competition for Violin, Kloster Schöntal. The prize winners of the 18th edition are:

First Age Group

First Prize: NAKAHARA, Riisa (Japan)
Second Prize: RUSANU, Dragos (Romania)
Third Prize: HAFFNER, Haymon (Germany)
Forth Prize: CIUBANCAN, Bianca (USA / Romania)
Fifth Prize: TOSCHEV, Leonard (Germany)
Special Prize “Baroque” – HAFFNER, Haymon (Germany)
Special Prize “Sonata” and Special Prize “GEWA Violin Case – RUSANU, Dragos (Romania)
Special Prize “Virtuoso” – NAKAHARA, Riisa (Japan)
Special Prize for Chamber Music Performance (donated by Prof. Dr. Med. Viorica Radoi) – TOSCHEV, Leonard (Germany)
Special Prize “Masuratini Violin Case” – NAKAHARA, Riisa (Japan) and CIUBANCAN, Bianca (USA / Romania)

Second Age Group

First Prize: BULAYEV, Daniil (Latvia)
Second Prize: LIM, Haewon (Korea)
Third Prize: AUER, Katharina (Austria)
Forth Prize: STREPP, Katharina (Germany)
Fifth Prize: WANG, Jingran (China)
Finalist Diploma and Special Prize “Bach” – CHANG, Darwin (Taiwan)
Special Prize “Sonata” and Special Prize “Masuratini Violin Case– LIM, Haewon (Korea)
Special Prize “Virtuoso”, Special Prize “GEWA Violin Case“, Special Prize “Old Italian VIOLIN” from Leonhard, London and Reinhold Würth Award –  – BULAYEV, Daniil (Latvia)

Third Age Group

First Prize: TZEKOV, Maxim (Austria)
Second Prize: YASUDA, Lisa (Japan)
Third Prize: EINENKEL, Robert (Germany)
Forth Prize: WEISSBECKER, Alexandra (Germany)
Fifth Prize: GUO, Kejun (China)
Special Prize “Bach” and Special Prize “Masuratini Violin Case” – TZEKOV, Maxim (Austria)
Special Prize “Sonata” – EINENKEL, Robert (Germany)
Special Prize “Virtuoso” – YASUDA, Lisa (Japan)
Special Prize “GEWA Violin Case” – WEISSBECKER, Alexandra (Germany)
Schachtner Prize (Contemporary composition)EINENKEL, Robert (Germany)

The EMCY Prize winner of the 2019 edition is  Maxim TZEKOV (Austria).

The Jury members were: Prof. Petru Munteanu – Chairman (Germany), Albena Danailova (Bulgaria / Austria), Florian Leonhard (Great Britain), Svetlana Makarova (Russia / Switzerland), Florin Parvulescu (USA), J. X. SCHACHTNER (Germany), Takashi Shimizu (Japan), Elly Suh (Korea), TONG Weidong (China) and Quian Zhou (Singapore).


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October 5