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November 10

From 2nd to 8th November 2016, the Balys Dvarionas Foundation, Public Institution Natų Knygynas together with the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY) and the Flying Gorillas, organised a six-day-seminar in Lithuania for two EMCY Prize Winners and a prize winners of Lithuanian Music Competitions. The aim of the seminar was to teach them how to perform and communicate arts to children with disabilities and special needs as well as for young people at refugee camps.

The experienced British audience developers Nigel Warrack and Susana Garcia of the Flying Gorillas, trained and accompanied the EMCY Prize winners from Austria, Macedonia and Lithuania, Iris Maaß, Stefan Iliev and Justina Dvarionaite, who performed at the Children’s Hospital in Vilnius, Pabrade Social Foster Home and Pabrade Foreigners Registration Center.

Their performances were created to integrate underrepresented groups of people in Lithuania and to give them access to music, culture and European values. At the same time, this seminar has broadened the skills of classically trained young musicians as well as their expression and musical communication through learning the interaction with new styles.

GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE (GMAF) is a cooperation project co-funded by the culture programme Creative Europe of the European Union. It counts 8 partners of 7 different countries: United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Turkey, Lithuania, Spain, Luxemburg and Germany.

GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE will promote young European musicians with performances in 7 countries, providing them essential skills to engage with different audiences all over Europe. They will leave the concert halls and take the music to places where you and I meet. GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE will turn youth music competitions into an interactive experience of art. More information

All news
November 10

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