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February 20

Next week three EMCY Prize winners will play the Discover Music Tour, one activity of GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE project, co-funded by the culture program Creative Europe. The musicians will be: Zala Kravos (piano) prizewinner of Concours Luxembourgeois pour Jeunes Solistes (UGDA)Bobby Kostadinov prizewinner of Jugend Musiziert and Bernardo Moreno Quintas Aguiar prizewinner of Concurso Permanente de Juventudes Musicales de España.

The young musicians will begin with the practical introduction and preparation session with the experienced British audience developers Nigel Warrack and Susana Garcia and afterward will give outreach sessions and evening concerts in Luxembourg, Spain and Germany.

The activity will start in Luxemburg with a 5-days workshop at the UGDA Music School. They will be train in chamber music and be introduce to the work with hard to reach groups. The musicians will be teach to develop a repertoire of structured improvisation and short composed pieces, which can be used in outreach workshops with disadvantaged pupils. Afterwards the tour continues to Spain (Madrid) and Germany (Osnabrück, Iserohn and Cologne).

The tour will build the capacities of the young musicians to approach a difficult-to-reach audience. It will widen their repertoire including contemporary pieces and they will learn to play in venues different then concert halls. The tour gives them the opportunity to internationalize their careers.

The Tour is organised in cooperation with UGDA Music SchoolJeunesses Musicales Spain and the Flying Gorillas.

Detailed schedule of the tour:


Wednesday – 28 February 2018

16:30 Outreach session at Foyer Saint Antoine (Refugee center)

Thursday – 1 March 2018

14:30 Outreach session at Centre de Loisirs Oberanven

18:00 Outreach session at Centre culturel an der Dällt Salle Bichelgréidchen

Friday – 2 March 2018

12:30 Concert at Eglise Protestante du Luxembourg

20:00 Concert at ArcA – Salle de Concerts

Saturday – 3 March 2018

20:00 Concert at Conservatoire de la Ville d’Esch-sur-Alzette


Monday – 5 March 2018

17:00 Outreach session at Casa del Reloj

19:00 Concert at at Casa del Reloj

Tuesday – 6 March 2018

17:00 Outreach session at DaLaNota School

19:00 Concert at at DaLaNota School


Thursday – 8 March 2018

09:55 Outreach session at Gesamtschule Schinkel, Osnabrück

20:00 Concert at Bergkirche, Osnabrück

Friday – 9 March 2018

10:00 Outreach session at Südschule, Iserlohn

Saturday 10 – March 2018

17:00 Concert at Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde, Cologne

Sunday – 11 March 2018

11:00 Concert at Musik Schule, Iserlohn

GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE is a cooperation project co-funded by the culture programme Creative Europe of the European Union. It counts 8 partners of 7 different countries: United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Turkey, Lithuania, Spain, Luxemburg and Germany. GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE will promote young European musicians with performances in 7 countries, providing them essential skills to engage with different audiences all over Europe. They will leave the concert halls and take the music to places where you and I meet. GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE will turn youth music competitions into an interactive experience of art.

All news
February 20