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October 14

During the master course Epoche_f 2017, winners of national and international music competitions for young musicians, rehearsed 21st and 20th-century works in individual, group and tutti sessions, working with the internationally renowned musicians of Ensemble Modern and the conductor Lucas Vis. EMCY partners in this project send this year 10 EMCY Prize winners with a full scholarship to Epoche_f goes Europe: Frida Juul Lunde (Denmark), Sebastian Breit (Austria), Peter Martin Kappel (Denmark), Dominika Gúberová (Slovakia), Miguel Barros (Portugal), Adam Druga (Slovakia), Gustav Piekut (Denmark) Martin Pavlík (Slovakia), Lia Yeranosyan (Portugal).

The master course offered an opportunity to decipher unknown scores, practice playing techniques typical of New Music, and gradually shaping a new sound experience together with the ensemble. In addition, participants have the opportunity to receive instrumental lessons focusing on one selected solo piece.

The course programme includes ensemble works and chamber music by composers such as Matej Bonin, Magnus Lindberg, Hans Werner Henze, Martin Stauning, Yiogang YE, Mauricio Kagel and others. The course took place at the State Music Academy of Lower Saxony in Wolfenbüttel, known for its state-of-the-art equipment and beautiful surroundings.

2017 Epoche_f is special because it goes Europe: all participants played 2 concerts:

  • on 19th October in Aarhus (Denmark) in Lille Sal in Musikhuset Aarhus, at 19:30, free entrance
  • on 21st October in Bratislava (Slovakia) in Slovak Radio 2, at 19:00 (as pre-concert of the famous Melos-Ethos Festival for Contemporary Music).

The musicians performed the following musical programme:

Martin Stauning, Verdorrte Räume (2015)

Xiaogang YE, Nine Horses (1993)

Samuel Hvozdík, Regerna Symbio Irbis (2016/2017)

Ľubica Čekovská, Interrupted Line – für 11 Musiker (2006, rev. 2008)

Magnus Lindberg, Bubo Bubo (2002)

Matej Bonin, Kaleidoscope – for Ensemble (2012)

Partners for Epoche f goes Europe are the EMCY members Aarhus International Piano Competition and EMCY Slovakia.

The master course Epoch_f is organised by the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA) on behalf of the Landesmusikrat Niedersachsen, in cooperation with the State Music Council for Lower Saxony, EMCY and the Foundation “Jugend musiziert Niedersachsen”, made possible by the Lower Saxony Foundation, the Allianz Cultural Foundation, the Goethe-Institute and Musikfonds.

Watch the video from the master course Epoche_f 2017 here.

All news
October 14

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