Ungdommens Musikkmesterskap (Norwegian Music Competition for Youth)

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Oslo, Norway
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Ungdommens musikkmesterskap is a cooperation between The Norwegian Music Teachers´Association and The Norwegian Culture School Council. It started as a piano competition in 1965 and has grown over the years to include the main classical instruments. The competition is arranged in two rounds – regional finals in and national in Oslo. Each year one of the first prize winners is named ‘Musician of the Year’.

The competition has information about laureates, concerts and events also on Facebook.



Musikkpedagogene Norge/Norsk kulturskolerad/Norges Musikkorps Forbund


Regional round followed by national final, divided as follow:


Every year

Next deadline



Registration takes place electronically via the competition’s website – umm.no –
A registration fee and a photo are required at registration.

Participation fees
Regional championship: NOK 450, – for soloists and NOK 450, – for chamber music group up to three participants.
For larger chamber music group: NOK 450, – + NOK 100, – per musician beyond three. (a quartet pays for example NOK 550, -)


Participants must be Norwegian citizens or have been resident in Norway for the past six months.
A participant can compete as a soloist on his instrument and / or in one chamber music group. It is only possible to participate in one chamber music group.
If a musician in a chamber music group becomes ill after the deadline for enrollment has expired, he can be replaced. The condition is that there is an application with a medical certificate confirming that the disease has occurred after the registration deadline, and that criteria for age classes are fulfilled.

Age classes solo

  • Class 1: Empty 12 years. Participants born in 2006 or later.
  • Class 2: 13-15 years. Born 2005, 2004, 2003.
  • Class 3: 16-18 years. Born 2002, 2001, 2000.
  • Class 4: 19-22 years. Born 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996.

The age is counted in the year the participant participates in regional championship.

Age classes chamber music group

  • Class 1: Empty 14 years, that is, born 2004 or later.
  • Class 2: 15-18 years. Born 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000.
  • Class 3: 19-22 years. Born 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996.

The average age determines the class in which it is to compete, but all participants must be born in 1996 or later.
Average age from 14.5 years belongs to class 2. The average age from 18.5 years belongs to class 3.
A chamber music group can consist of from two to ten participants.

Further information


First prize

Concerts/courses/seminars in Norway and abroad for first prize winners

Musician of the Year

NOK 50.000 ( € 6000 )

Inspiration prizes

Six ‘inspiration’ prizes ( € 1100 ) for different categories


Prize winners