Schweizerischer Jugendmusikwettbewerb (SJMW) CLASSICA

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29/03/2019 - 31/03/2019
Zürich, Switzerland
Chamber music | Composition | Percussion | Piano/keyboard | Strings | Symphonic strings | Cello | Double basse | Viola | Violin | Voice | Woodwind Instruments | Bassoon | Clarinet | Flute | Oboe | Recorder | Saxophone | Guitar

The competition was founded in 1975 on the initiative of the ‘Tonhalle-Gesellschaft’ Zurich. The foundation ‘Schweizerischer Jugendmusikwettbewerb’ has been registered under private law since 1999. The foundation aims to support and promote particularly talented young musicians but also young people in general through music. A Foundation Board is responsible for the competition and concentrates particularly on strategic and financial questions. It is advised in artistic and organisational matters by a commission of experts. These two bodies work closely with the office in St Gallen on all tasks related to the foundation.




Stiftung Schweizerischer Jugendmusikwettbewerb


Every year

Age range



Regional stages followed by national final


Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass, transverse Flute, Recorder, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Harp, Accordion , Dulcimer, Classical drums, Early Music before 1750, Contemporary music,Ensemble Chamber Music (free repertoire), Ensemble Chamber Music Contemporary Music, Ensemble Chamber Music Early Music before 1750, Brass Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Singing ensemble

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Entrada: 29.03. – 31.03.2019 in 8 different locations in Switzerland: Basel, Eschen (FL), Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Neuchâtel, Walchwil and Winterthur

Finale: 16.05. – 19.05.2019 in Lugano


The competition is for young musicians of all nationalities who are permanently resident in Switzerland or Liechtenstein and for citizens of Switzerland or Liechtenstein who live abroad. The competition is for musicians between the age of 8 and 20 (singers up to 22).

There are special rules concerning those studying music at a professional level and for the nationality of members of chamber music groups.

Rules 2018 (in German, French and Italian)


Online on www.sjmw.ch

Application fee:

80 CHF for soloists;

60 CHF/person for duos and ensembles.

Application form


  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize as certificate
  • Certificate of appreciation
  • Special prizes on behalf of various foundations and organizations



Visit original competition page www.sjmw.ch

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