Polstjärnepriset Vänersborg in Sweden (Polar Star Price)

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Vänersborg, final round in Gothenburg (Sweden)
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The main aim of Polstjärnepriset is to contribute to the musical development of young talented musicians in Sweden. A traditional competition set up is therefore complemented by private lessons, masterclasses, chamber music lessons and section and orchestra rehearsals. Every aspect contributes to the participants’ musical development and prepare them for performances at public events. The musical work is complemented by lectures, workshops and social events, such as attending concerts.



Musikakademi Vänersborg, Municipality of Vänersborg (Sweden)


The jury chooses 20-25 competitors from recordings sent by the young musicians.

First round, semi-final and final. Final round with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Alongside the competition: individual lessons, workshops, chamber music and orchestra playing.

The participants should be aged from 14 to 18 years old.


Every year




The competition is held on national level for young people who fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

  • Swedish citizenship
  • permanent residency in Sweden for at least 2 years

More information (Swedish only)


1st place

50 000 SEK, performance at next year’s final, a free course at the Musikakademi Vänersborg (Aurora Music) and the chance of being selected as Sweden’s representative in the EBU Eurovision Young Musicians competition. This selection is made every second year by SVT (the Swedish Public Service Television). SVT always selects one of the two most recent winners of Polstjärnepriset.

2nd place

10 000 SEK

3rd place

5 000 SEK

4th place

5 000 SEK


Visit original competition page www.vanersborg.se/polstjarnepriset

Prize winners