International Competition of Young Pianists dedicated to the Work of ‘Fryderyk Chopin’

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Narva, Estonia

The competition started in 1997 by the initiative of the Ambassador of Poland in Estonia Mr.J. Wolansiewicz and in Narva began the tradition to hold here the competition for young pianists of Estonian music schools that is devoted to the famous Polish composer F. Chopin. As the first competition was very successful, in 1999 it was decided to organise the 1st International competition with participation of the young musicians from the states around the Baltic Sea (Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Finland and Russia). The supporters of the competition were the Municipality of Narva, the Ministry of Culture of Estonian Republic, the Embassies of Poland, Polish Radio and Television and private enterprises.



Narva Municipality


The participants should be aged up to 18 years old and divided in 3 age categories.
Two or three rounds depending on age category.


Every two years


Next competition

TBA February 2022

Next deadline

TBA September 2021


To be registered, each competitor should send the following:
• registration form, completed legibly in printed letters without abbreviations, in Estonian, English or Russian language.
• photocopy of passport, for visa to Estonia copy of the first page of the passport.
• 9×12 color photo in digital format.
The registration form that is not properly completed will not be accepted.

Registration documents can be sent be email, including video, a link to the video (not time-limited), etc. The video should contain:
1.virtuoso etude by choice (may not be included in the competition program),
2. a work of Chopin – participant’s choice (from the competition program).
Program changes will be accepted until 25.11.2019.
The list of registered participants will be published by November 25, 2019 on the competition’s website.


The competition is open for young Pianists from every nation. The competition is conducted within three age groups:

  • Age Group I (competitors born after 16.02.2007)
  • Age Group II (competitors born after 16.02.2004)
  • Age Group III (competitors born after 16.02.2001)

The Grand Prix laureates and the first prize winners of the previous Chopin competition in Narva or other Chopin competitions in 2018 and 2019 are not permitted to take part in Chopin competition in 2020 if they remain in the same age group.

The program should strictly follow the order of execution of the competition: it is not allowed to change the program works, to transfer from one tour to another, to repeat works. In this case, the participant will not be rated by the jury.


Age Group I
First Round 
1. A work by either a 20th century or a 21st century composer of the participant’s home country.
2. F. Chopin. One of Polonaises or Ecossaises op.72 or one of Waltzes.
3. F. Chopin. A composition of the competitor’s own choice.
Duration of performance: 8-10 minutes.
Second Round
1. J.S. Bach. Small Prelude or Fugue or Invention for two or three voices.
2. F. Chopin. One of the following compositions: Nocturne of the competitor’s own choice, Short Waltz a-moll, Short Waltz Es-dur, Cantabile, Album Leaf, Fugue a-moll, Mazurka C-dur op.33 nr.3, Mazurka a-moll op.67 nr.4, Mazurka F-dur op.68 nr.3, Mazurkas g-moll op.24 nr.1, C-dur nr.2, h-moll op.30 nr.2
3. F. Chopin. A composition of the competitor’s own choice.
Duration of performance: 10-12 minutes


Age Group II
First Round
1. J.S. Bach. A Prelude and a Fugue – WTC (Well-Tempered Clavier).
2. F. Chopin. A Polonaise chosen by the competitor (except for g-moll op.posth., B-duur op. posth, AS-duur op.posth) or one Nocturne.
3. F. Chopin. An Virtuoso Etude of the competitor’s own choice (except for no 3, no 6 op.10, no 7 op.25).
Duration of performance: up to 20 minutes.
Second Round
1. D. Scarlatti Sonat (Sonatas) of the competitor’s own choice.
2. F. Chopin. One of the following compositions: Variations B-dur op.12, Variations E-dur op.posth., Tarantella op.43, Impromptu As-dur op.29, Impromptu Fis-dur op.36, Impromptu Ges-dur op.51, Impromptu-Fantasie cis-moll op.66, Bolero op.19, Waltz of the competitor’s own choice (except for Small Waltz a-moll op.posth, Small Waltz Es-duur op.posth, Waltz As-duur op.posth).
3. F. Chopin. A composition of the competitor’s own choice.
Duration of performance: up to 25 minutes.


Age Group III
First Round
1. Classical major form (I part – Sonata-Allegro form: J. Haydn, W.A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven. To perform without repetitions).
2. F. Chopin. A Virtuoso Etude of the competitor’s own choice.
3. F. Chopin. A composition (compositions) of the competitor’s own choice.
Duration of performance: up to 25 minutes.
Second Round
1. F. Chopin. A one-part long composition (Ballade, Scherzo, Fantasy f-moll, Barcarolle, one of Polonaises: op.22, 44, 53, 61)
2. F. Chopin. One of Concertos for Piano and Orchestra: either part I or parts II and III (with piano accompaniment).
Duration of performance: 25 – 30 minutes
Third Round
1. F. Chopin. One of Concertos for Piano and Orchestra: either part I or parts II and III (symphony orchestra accompaniment).
Transcriptions are not performed. Compositions performed in the first round can not be repeated in the second one. Exceeding the time of the performance is not allowed. In this case, the jury has the right to suspend performance of the participant. Musical part (s), that were played at the previous Chopin competitions in Narva and obtained a jury estimate, is not allowed to perform.To participate in each round there is opportunity to provide acoustic rehearsals (15-30 minutes), as well as time for practicing in classes (1-2 hours). Accompanist is provided on a contractual basis.


The laureates of I, II, and III prizes will be awarded with Diplomas and valuable gifts given by sponsors. Awards, diplomas, gifts for participants and their teachers are awarded personally. Narva City Government and other sponsors will award special diplomas, prizes, and monetary rewards.

According to the results of the competition the Jury can reward:

  • 1 Grand Prix (from first-prize winners)
  • two first prizes, three second prizes and three third prizes.

9 Diplomas (3 diplomas in each age group) and nominations:
„The best performer of F.Chopin’s work” – 1 diploma
„The best performer of J.S.Bach’s work” – 1 diploma
„For artistry and inspiration” – 1 diploma
„The best performer of own country” – 1 diploma
Diploma „Promising young performer” – 1 diploma

Participation of the First prize and Grand Prix winners in the final concert is obligatory. The award winners must perform gratis in the final concert. All the rights to the audio and video recordings of the participants` performances belong to the Organizing Committee.


Visit original competition page www.narva.ee/chopin/

Prize winners

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