International Competition for Young Instrumentalists “Gran Premio Povoletto”

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21/06/2024 - 23/06/2024
Povoletto, Italy
Brass instruments | Euphonium | French Horn | Trombone | Trumpet | Tuba | Percussion | Bassoon | Clarinet | Flute | Oboe | Saxophone

The competition was born from an idea of the Director Franco Brusini who saw a need especially in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, for musical competitions for young people under the age of 20 years. The idea behind the Competition is to verify the quality level of music teaching in Italy, comparing it with musical schools of other European countries.

Therefore, the competition aims to be a moment of encounter between students of different music schools and, at the same time, of verification and comparison of the levels acquired by each, in a correct competitive spirit, encouraging children to study music and contributing to the affirmation and qualification of new talents.



Euritmia Aps


The participants should be up to 20 years old.
The competition has one round.


Every year

Next deadline

24.05. 2024


Competitors will be able to register no later than midnight on Friday 24 May 2024 on the portal: https://www.euritmia.it/concorso-musicale/iscrizione-contatti/, filling out the registration form in all its fields, attaching it signed in pdf together with the receipt of payment of the registration fee as well as a copy of the pieces for the accompanying pianist, if requested.

The registration fee is set at € 40.00 (forty/00) for categories A and B and € 60.00 (sixty/00) for categories C and D.
The registration fee must be paid by bank transfer to the current account in the name of:
Euritmia APS” Association at Banca CREDIFRIULI – Credito Cooperativo Friuli – Povoletto Branch IBAN: IT 10
L 07085 64113 000000005258 BIC/SWIFT: ICRAITRRU50 with reason: “Surname and name of the competitor,
category and instrument
All bank and/or postal costs are the responsibility of the participant.
The organization of the competition reserves the right to evaluate any requests for time slots and programming only if specified in the notes for the secretariat during registration. This request will not be binding for the organization of the competition which will evaluate whether or not to accept it.
The registration fee is not refundable, except for the cancellation of the competition by the organizing body due to force majeure.


Euritmia APS (www.euritmia.it), cultural and musical Third Sector association based in Povoletto (Udine, Italy), hereafter called “Association”, with the aim of promoting musical culture and exchange of experiences among young instrumentalists of different cultures and languages, and with the aim of encouraging young people to study music, announces and organises the “28th International Competition for Young Instrumentalists”, which will be held from 21st to 23rd June 2024.

Participation will be granted to all young instrumentalists of any nationality and born after 1st of January 2004, coming from state and private music schools, Conservatories or from band-oriented music courses.

Admitted instruments:
The instruments admitted to the Competition are:
Wind instruments (Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium,
Percussion instruments (Rhythmic percussions, melodic percussions).

Categories and maximum execution times:
There are four categories, based on the age of the participants:
– CAT. A, for those born after 1 January 2013. Maximum duration of the performance cat. A: 8 minutes.
– CAT. B, for those born in the years 2010-2011-2012. Maximum duration of the performance cat. B: 10 minutes.
– CAT. C, for those born in the years 2007-2008-2009. Maximum duration of the performance cat. C: 14 minutes.
– CAT. D, for those born in the years 2004-2005-2006. Maximum duration of the performance cat. Q: 20 minutes.
Competitors are required to respect the maximum execution times established for the individual categories;
anyone who does not respect these deadlines will be penalized at the rate of 5/100 for each minute of excess.
Candidates may enroll in the category higher than that foreseen for their age, if they believe that their preparation allows it.
Competitors cannot register for the same instrument in multiple categories.

Audio recording:
The entire event (individual rehearsals and final concert of the winners) will be audio-recorded for the
Competition archive.
By sending the registration form, the participants express their consent to be filmed and/or recorded during
the rehearsals and the final concert of the winners, expressly renouncing any right, even of an economic
nature, relating to called audio-visual recordings and filming.
The participants also express their consent to any disclosure and use (by any means or support) of the
performances carried out during the Competition and/or the Prize Winners’ Concert.

Documents to be presented:
At the time of the competition performance, the competitors must show an original valid identification
document and deliver 5 copies of the score of the piece of their free choice.
Each competitor must have the original score with them, under penalty of exclusion from the competition.

More information about the competition rules you can find: HERE


For wind instruments, participants must perform a compulsory piece, indicated in the list attached to the regulations, and a chosen piece with a difficulty appropriate to their category or a higher one. The piece of free choice can also be for solo instrument without the obligation of piano accompaniment.
For percussion instruments, participants in categories A and B will have to perform a compulsory piece on rhythmic or melodic percussions chosen from the two indicated in the list attached to the regulation and a freely chosen piece on rhythmic or melodic percussion without having to use both types of percussion.
Participants in categories C and D will have to perform a compulsory piece on rhythmic or melodic percussions chosen from the two indicated in the list attached to the regulations and a freely chosen piece on rhythmic or melodic percussion, with the constraint of using both types of percussion (For categories C
and D only, therefore, if you have chosen the compulsory piece for rhythmic percussion, then the free choice must be for melodic percussion or vice versa).
The competitor must hand in the scores of the pieces of free choice in 5 copies (also complete with any piano accompaniment); copies, if requested, will be returned at the end of your performance group, with the exception of one which will remain in the competition records. It’s not necessary to play by heart.

The repertoire for each group you can find here:





All categories

All participants will be given the “Certificate of Participation”, with the evaluation achieved. Competitors who have achieved a rating greater than or equal to 80/100 will also receive the “Certificate of Merit”.

There are three prizes for each category, according to the following table:

Category A:
I Prize € 350,00
II Prize € 200,00
III Prize € 100,00

Category B:
I Prize € 500,00
II Prize € 300,00
III Prize € 150,00

Category C:
I Prize € 700,00
II Prize € 450,00
III Prize € 250,00

Category D:
I Prize € 950,00
II Prize € 650,00
III Prize € 400,00


Visit original competition page “Gran Premio Povoletto” Competition

Prize winners

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