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06/10/2023 - 08/10/2023
Madrid, Spain
Brass instruments | Woodwind Instruments

Concurso Juventudes Musicales is one of the central programs of Juventudes Musicales de España. Its objective is the detection and promotion of new talents as well as the empowerment of young people through music.

It was born in 1979 as a Permanent Competition for Young Performers and until 2017 it has held 88 editions in its different modalities. In 2020-2021 it introduces different novelties, with new modalities, bases and venues. It is aimed at young performers (soloists or groups) born or residing in Spain aged up to 25 (all types of Classical except Chamber and Singing) and 29 (Jazz, Early Music and, within Classical, Chamber and Singing). ) according to the modalities

The contest includes three musical styles: Classical Music , Early Music and Jazz . The Classical Music category is subdivided into the modalities of String (two modalities, Bow and Guitar), Piano, Instruments without their own modality (accordion, harp, percussion, organ, etc.), Wind (woodwind instruments and wind instruments-metal), Chamber and Singing. In those of Early Music and Jazz, both individual soloists and groups of up to 6 members compete in a unique modality.

The calls for Classical Music are held in Madrid and those for Early Music and Jazz in Barcelona.



Juventudes Musicales de España


The participants should be aged up to 35 years old.
The competition is held in 3 rounds for every category.

Next edition:
6.10.-8.10.2023 – Wind Instruments 


Three times a year

Next deadline

10.07.2023 – Wind Instruments


You can see the calls for the competitions on the website.

You can also find the application forms for each category through this link.


The competition is open for young musicians with Spanish nationality or resident in Spain for all instruments in different competitions spread over the year. It is open for musicians up to 25 or 29 years (depending on the category). First prizes of former editions cannot participate again in the same mode. Vocal chamber ensembles have a maximum of 6 members. Chamber ensembles must be stable and must have been together for a minimum period of six months (with the documents that prove so).


Prize winner concerts, concerts with orchestras and international exchanges.


Prize winners

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