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EMCY is happy to collaborate with the European Music Council and other eight partners in STAMP, a project co-funded by Erasmus+. The project responds to a need voiced by professionals in the music sector for greater professional training and the related process of lifelong learning and will aim at:

  • Developing exemplary tools for vocational training (workshop models, guidelines for mentors and trainers, guidelines for staff mobility), made available in an online platform.
  • Improving employ ability and entrepreneurship within the music sector in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

The proposed activities will be organised around five main themes, for which different types of Training Models will be produced:
1) Entrepreneurship
2) Festival/Event Management
3) Audience Development
4) Social Inclusion (focus on disadvantaged youth)
5) International Cooperation and Networking


PROmote! - Audience Development

The European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY) and UNISON gave new impulses to the music sector in terms of audience development and public relations. The workshop in Social Media was in Zagreb, Croatia from 29th September until 1st October 2017.

The gathering started with a public event with mainly Croatian music professionals, as multipliers of the Intellectual Output 3. Researcher and PR expert Irma de Jong, managing director of Cicerone Music & Art, started with presenting results from her research such as the power of the digital tools (like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat) and Generation Management (different types of generations that we have in our society and how they act and communicate) The speech was followed by a panel discussion about worst-case and best-case scenarios for PR in different countries with panelists from Latvia, Denmark, Armenia and Croatia.

On the last day 3 group sessions were found, discussing 3 project cases: contemporary music, a classical music competition and a rock/ pop festival from Croatia. Not only the difficulties where worked out but also how to encounter them in new ways with the help of digital tools. Get your own impression: here is a video of that day

Navigating your music professional pathway

EMCY in collaboration with The European Music Council (EMC) and other eight partners, is offering you the STAMP on-line series of live webinars.

The STAMP online course of a series of 12 webinars constitute an innovation in the field of professional and lifelong learning for music professionals and aim to improve the quality, creativity and innovation of the music professions, as well as the financial and artistic survival.

The series of webinars aim in offering a wide spectrum of topics, ideas, experiences, and stirring up the imagination.

A) Understanding the Key Concepts & Expanding Thinking 

1. ‘Leadership in Music’ and personal development for a fulfilling music professional life 

2. Entrepreneurship in music: Why, what, how

B) Positioning yourself

3. Find your place in the value chain

4. Examples of Social Entrepreneurship in Europe: What is it and how to do it? 

5. From the listening ears to the hearing heart: a possible road map for social inclusion in and through music 

6. Engaging in Community Music: Practice, Theory & Critical Len

C) Find your place in the European Cultural and political Landscape

7. Acting and connecting; The EMC case, Lessons for the cultural and creative sector around Europe

D) Sustainability and expansion in music entrepreneurship

8. Sustainability and International Expansion of Music Venturet

E) Develop your audience

9. Sell tickets in one minute; New trends for audience development in classical music 

10. Showcase presentation: Aristocrats.fm

11. Branding and professional career in music – examples of career journeys 

12. Cooperation and Networking 

Starting your Cooperation project

The European Music Council (EMC) and Live DMA (European Network for Music Venues and Festivals), in cooperation with the Latvian Music Council, hold a 5-days seminar to help music managers develop their own cooperation projects and networks of music professionals.  Over the long term, this will help improve conditions for music professionals from local to European level, develop a vibrant European music scene, and grow audiences both locally and internationally.

The seminar was from 4th to 8th September 2017 in Cesis, Latvia.

The programme involved two types of session:

INPUT SESSIONS: theory or practice presentations that will provide all the information required to help you with your project. They will inspire and bring fresh perspectives. Speakers from all over Europe shared their stories and gave tips.

INTERACTIVE SESSIONS: work-in-progress periods dedicated to projects, from the identification of the challenges to shaping a methodology for the next steps.

More information here


Youth Event Management Programme – YEMP

YEMP is a two-week training course including lectures and training on the job. After a selection process, 25 young people from different countries will be invited to participate in the programme. The young YEMPers, fully included in the organising team, will be testing themselves with roles of responsibility in the various offices of the festival, under the guidance of two coaches, one Estonian, and one international.

The STAMP Workshop for trainers is a training offer for festival organisers and music organisations from Central, East and South-Eastern Europe. In this workshop YEMP will be presented as exemplary training course for young managers which can be adapted to different realities and contexts.

Plan of the training course:
• Thursday,19th July 2018: arrival in Tallinn
• Friday, 20th July: Introduction to YEMP as Training Model. the draft Guidelines and Toolbox
• Saturday/Sunday, 21st – 22nd July: Participation in the YEMP training weekend with
lectures and workshops on management skills
• Monday, 23rd July: Shadowing the YEMPers starting the “training on the job”
• Tuesday, 24th July: How can YEMP be adapted to other circumstances?
(other music sectors, smaller events, lower budgets, national events etc.)
Evaluation, Knowledge Transfer, Feedback,
• Wednesday, 25th July 2018: Departure

What is the project about?
Participants in the workshop will:
• learn what is YEMP
• hear testimonials of previous YEMPers
• get a first draft of the YEMP guidelines developed in the frame of the STAMP project, as well as the toolbox for (young) managers
• be invited to contribute to the last version
• see beginning of YEMP 2018
• transfer knowledge to their field of work

Training team:
The workshop participants will be trained by an international expert team:
-Sonja Greiner (DE, Secretary General ECA-EC)
-Daphne Wassink (NL, Board of ECA-EC) one of those who „invented“ YEMP
-Réka Balog (HU, international YEMP coach) worked with YEMPers 2015
-Silvija Prockyte (LT, Youth Committee of ECA-EC) YEMPer 2015


The activities include physical and online meetings of project partners, workshops, site visits of on-going activities, internal and external communication, and dissemination of project results. An online learning platform will offer MOOCs, (Massive Open Online Courses), webinars, guidelines as well as build up a community of trainers and learners in the field of professional training in the music sector. By implementing these activities, the STAMP project will advocate for a better recognition of skills obtained in a non-formal learning environment.

Intellectual Outputs

Entrepreneurship in Music – If you want to diversify your musical career or know more on specific topics see our Webinar series aiming to stimulate your entrepreneurial thinking – click here. If you would like to do a webinar of your own see here guidelines that will teach you everything.

YEMP – Create a win-win situation for your volunteers and your festival. See here described in detail what a Young Event Management Programme (YEMP) is and how to implement it to your festival or event.

Increase your audience – In an ever-changing world we have to adapt constantly our communication strategy. This online handbook will help you to get an update of the current communication channels available and how to increase your audience for your events – click here.

Social inclusion through Music – Music can be a powerful tool to work with disadvantaged youth, get inspired and learn how to implement a multicultural approach within your music lessons. Disabilities can be evolved into strengths – how? Learn all about it here.

International Cooperation & Networking – Want to start your international cooperation project? Are you facing problems and want to find solutions to it? This Online Course will take you through step by step! Would you like to share your ideas or need some help? Contact us and other young entrepreneurs within the music field here!

All projects
EU co-funded projects

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