Zhongjin Fang

All prize winners
Nationality: Chinese
Instrument: Piano
Date of birth 2002/02/17

Zhongjin Fang was born in Guangzhou, China in 2002, and started learning piano in Beijing at the age of four.

At the age of 12, he was admitted to the piano major of the Central Conservatory of Music Attached Middle School in Beijing.

At the age of 14, he was admitted to the talent class of the University of Music and theater in Hannover, Germany, under the tutelage of Professor Elena Levit.  In 2019, he was admitted to the university with excellent results and studied under Professor Ewa Kupiec.

Zhongjin Fang is the winner of many national and international competitions.  He was affirmed by the judge Bernd Goetzke and other judges in the 59th German Schumann International Youth Piano Competition, and won the first place with his outstanding musical talent.

In 2020, on the 20th anniversary of the genius class of the Hannover University of Music and Theater in Germany, the outstanding students who were selected to be included in the CD.

He was a full scholarship participant for the 2021 Einbeck Festival event.

The latest achievement is the 1st place in the Belgian Merci Moestro competition in 2022.

In March 2023, he won the first place in the London Classical Music Online Competition.

In August, he won the Audience Award and several awards at the 16th German Fulda Music Festival.

If you are interested in working with Zhongjin, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.



F. Liszt: Rhapsodie Espagnole
F. Busoni:  Bach Chaconne
A. Scriabin: Etüde Op. 42 No. 5 And Op. 8 No. 12
F. Chopin: Polonaise in A-flat major, Op. 53
F. Chopin: Etüde Op. 25 No. 11 and. Op. 10 No. 12
J. S. Bach: BWV 885 and BWV857
L. van Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 23 “Appassionata”
F. Chopin: Nocturne Op. 48 No. 1


Performance by Zhongjin Fang

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