Marjana Jocif

All prize winners
EMCY Prize
Nationality: Slovenian
Instrument: Treble recorder
Date of birth 1997/10/02

Marjana Jocif was born in 1997 in Slovenia. She acquired her elementary music education with Špela Loti Knoll at Kranj Music School, afterward continuing her studies at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana with Mateja Bajt, where she was awarded the Škerjanc prize, the school’s highest yearly prize, in 2016. Further on, she continued her bachelor studies with Mateja Bajt at the Academy of Music’s Department of Early Music in Ljubljana.

On numerous occasions, Marjana performed as a solo recorder with an orchestra. The performances included Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 with The Conservatory of Music and Ballet’s chamber orchestra, Bach’s La Pastorella with Orchestra Amadeo, Lebič’s Ajdna with Academic Choir Tone Tomšič, Monteverdi’s Vesprae with a baroque orchestra of the Academy of Music, and Monteverdi’s madrigali with the Slovenian Philharmonic Choir.

As a part of various early music ensembles, Marjana has performed at numerous concerts and music festivals. In 2018, she presented Slovenian early folk music at different music festivals across Slovenia with Makalonca, an early music ensemble. In addition, she has held three recitals at the Ljubljana’s Opera House – with the ensemble “La Dolce Fiamma” in 2015, as a solo performer accompanied by Alberto Busettini at the harpsichord in 2016, and as a duo with Una Košir, accompanied by Eva Dolinšek at the harpsichord. The duo Jocif–Košir also held a concert arranged by Studio 8.

During her studies, Marjana entered at TEMSIG, the Slovenian Youth Music Competition, both as a solo performer and as a part of an ensemble. There she received several first prizes and special awards. In 2015 she won the golden prize as a part of a recorder quintet “La Dolce Fiamma”. In addition, in 2019 Marjana received the competition’s first and special award for an outstanding interpretation of a piece by a Slovenian composer. After the competition in 2019, she was awarded the EMCY Prize and the opportunity to carry out two solo concerts arranged by Festival Ljubljana and Imago Slovenia.

If you are interested in working with Marjana, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.



L. Andriessen, Ende
Anonymus, Lamento di Tristano, La rotta and Saltarello I, II
J. S. Bach, Partita for solo Flute in C minor (orig. in A minor)
J. S. Bach, Sonata in E minor B.W.V.1034 and Sonata in E Major B.W.V.1035
D. Castello, Sonata concertate in stilo moderno, Sonata prima and Sonata seconda
G. P. Cima, Sonata prima
A. Corelli, Sonatas “Folia” (Op.5, No.3, 4 and 12)
C. Dieupart,Six suittes de clavessin: Suitte 1, Suitte 2
G. B. Fontana, Sonata seconda, Sonata quarta, Sonata sesta
G. F. Händel, Sonata in G minor HWV360
G. F. Händel, Sonata in A minor HWV362
G. F. Händel, Sonata in C Major HWV365
G. F. Händel, Sonata in F Major HWV369
G. F. Händel, Sonata in B Major HWV377
G. F. Händel, Sonata in D minor HWV367a
R. Hirose, Meditation
J. M. Hotteterre, Pieces pour la flute traversiere
J. M. Hotteterre, Premiere suitte
J. M. Hotteterre, Troiseme suitte
J. M. Hotteterre, Quatrieme suitte (Op.2)
G. A. P. Mealli, La bernabea and La vinciolina
G. P. Telemann, 12 Fantasias (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
D. Ortiz, Il trattado de glosas: Recercada primera, Recercada segonda sobre O felici occhi miei and Recercada segunda
D. Philidor, Cinquieme suitte (Op.1)
I. Yun, Shepherd’s Flute (from Chinese pictures)
G. P. Telemann, Metodic sonatas
J. Van Eyck, Der Fluyten Lust-Hof

With Orchestra

A. Vivaldi, La tempesta di mare RV433
A. Vivaldi, La notte RV439
A. Vivaldi, Il Gardelino RV428
A. Vivaldi, Concert in C Major RV443 (Op.10)

Chamber Music

D. Castello, Sonate concertate in stil moderno, Libro primo and Prima Sonata
P. Delavigne, Les Fleurs (Op.4)
B. De Selma y Salaverde, Canzon 20 a doi soprani
J. M. Hotteterre, Pieces pour la flute traversiere and Ecos (Op.2)
J. M. Hotteterre, Triosonata in C Major (Op.3, No.5)
T. Morley, Canzonets to two voices (Leave now, Mine Eyes Lamenting, Fantasie à 2 »La Girandola«, I Goe before My Darling)
A. Pärt, Summa for 4 Recorders, Da pacem domine for 4 Recorders
M. Piero, Cavalcando con un giovine
J. J. Quantz, Duo in C minor (Op.2, No.2)
G. P. Telemann, Sonata in G minor TWV40:102
G. P. Telemann, Triosonata in C Major for two Recorders, TWV42:C1 and Triosonata in D minor TWV42:D10


Dario Castello: Sonate concertate, Libro primo: Sonata seconda
Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde: Canzon 20 a doi soprani
Jacques-Martin Hotteterre le Romain: Triosonate in C, op. 3
Georg Philipp Telemann: Triosonate in C

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