Jernej Misic

All prize winners
EMCY Prize
Nationality: Slovenian
Instrument: Harp
Date of birth 2003/08/26

Jernej was born in Kranj, the 26th of August 2003. He started to play harp at the age of 6 in Kranj where he also finished the music school. His first teacher was his mother.

He continued his study in the state Conservatory of music Jacopo Tomadini in Udine, Italy with prof. Patizia Tassini. Just after one year of preacademic study, he continued with the bachelor studies.  He was also in masterclasses with prof. Isabelle Perin and with prof. Marie Pierre Langlement.

He took part in the following competitions:
Competition of young Slovenian musicians and ballet dancers 2012, 2015, 2018, 2021. Gold all times. (2021, 100 points), Slovenia
– Concours Lilly Laskine 2014 Paris, (second stage as the youngest competitor), France
– Primo Concorso Internazionale di Arpa »Nicanor Zabaleta« 2014, First Prize (100/100 points), Nicolosi, Italy
– 12. Concorso Internazionale per Giovani Musicisti »Luigi Zanuccoli« 2014 – First Prize (98/100 points) , Sogliano al Rubicone, Italy
– XXIV Concoroso »Riviera della Versigla« 2015 – First Prize (100/100 points), Pietrasanta, Italy
– Concorso Marcel Tournier 2015, First Absolute Prize, Cosenza, Italy
– 22. Medjunarodno takmicenje Petar Konjevié – Novi Sad, Serbia
– 10th International Music Competition and Festival SVIREL 2018 Golden Award (100/100 points), Slovenia
– 24. Mednarodno natjecanje glazbene mladezi – Lions, Garnd Prix – Rijeka, Croatia
– 1. Giovani Talenti International Music Competition City of Gorizia, First Absolute Prize (100/100 points), Italy
– 3rd International Music competition IMC Walles Town, First Absolute Prize (100/100 points) – Cittadella, Italy
– 53rd International Radio Competition for Young Musicians Concertino Prague 2019, special recognition, Czech Republic
– 5th International Harp competition Szeged 2019, Third Prize and Award for best played Bartok piece, Hungary
– Focus on Youth 2020 – audition for the 14t World Harp Congress in Cardiff, Wales
– 5. Concorso internazionale Giovani Musicisti – Diapason D’Oro – Pordenone, First Absolute Prize (100/100 points), Italy
– International competition Young Musicians ,Treviso, First Absolute Prize (100/100 points), Italy
– International competition Premio delle Arti, Torino, Firstprize, Italy

If you are interested in working with Jernej, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.



G. Allessandrini, Piccoli Pezzi Lirici No.: 9, 11
B. Andres, Duke, Epices
P. E. Bach, Fantazija No.2
J.S. Bach, Lute Suite BWv 996
J. S. Bach/M. Grandjany, Etude No12 Allegro
J. S. Bach, Preludij BWV 881
D. Bernatovič, Imagination no.1
A. Caplet, Deux divertissment
G. Caramiello, Rimembranza della Napoli
D. H. Conanat, Baroque flamenco
D. H. Conant, Nataliana
D. H. Conant, New Blues
J. Damase, Sicilienne Variee
M. de Falla, Spanish Dance no. 1
J. L. Dussek, Sonata c minor
J. L. Dussik, 6 sonatines
G. Faure, Impromptu
J.J. Froberger, Tombeau
D. Garella, Yellow the sun rises
M. Glinka, Lark
M. Glinka, Variations on a Theme of Mozart
F. Godefroid, La Melancolie, Le ris et les pleurs, Quand tu me vois souffrir
M. Grandjany, Barcarola
M. Grandjany, Colorado Trail, fantasy for harp op.28
A. Haselmas, Gitare
P. Hindemith, Sonata
J. Ibert, Scherzetto
F. Jakez, Familys Blues
G. Kirchof, Aria and Rigaudon
J.B. Krumpholz, 6.eme preludes with air
F. Liszt/Renie, Un Sospiro
A. F. Marescoti, Mouvement
F. Margola, Primavera
W. Mathias, Improvisations for Harp
F. J. Naderman, 5. Sonatina
F. J. Nadermann, Preludij and 1st. movement of Sonatina No.
S. Natra, Ode to the Harp
A. R. Ortiz, Merenge rojo
I. Petrič, Elegie sur le nom de Carlos Salzedo
J. Ph. Rameau, L Egiptienne
H. Renie, Ballade fantasique
C. Saint Saens, Fantazija
C. Salzedo, Chancon dans la nuit
C. Salzedo, Concert variations on O Tannenbaum
C. Salzedo, Five Poetical studies
D. Scarlatti / H. Renié, Allegrissimo, 4.Sonata
D. Scarlatti, Sonata 113
B. Smetana/Trncek, Moldau
L. Spohr, Fantasie
A. Srebotnjak, Preludiji za harfo
F. Tarrega, Recuerdos de La Alhambra
T.T. Thiet, Hoi Ky
J. Thomas, Spring
M. Tournier, Au matin
M. Tournier, Berceuse Russe
M. Tournier, Jazz band
M. Tournier, La Danse du Moujik
M. Tournier, Lollita la danseuse
M. Tournier, Vers la source dans la bois
R. Wagner/ Blassel, Isoldes Liebestod

Chamber music

B. Andres, Algues
C. Debussy, Fleur des Bles
C. Debussy, Nuit d’etoiles, Beau soir, Claire de lune
G. Faure, Berceuse
J. Ibert, Deux Interludes
J. Ibert, Entracte
J. Massenet, Meditation from Thais
C. Saint Saens, The Swan
J. Suk, Bagatela
M. Tournier, Quatre Preludes
Y. Toussaint, Album (flauta, harp)
Y. Yamamoto, Danse Romanesque 1


Jernej Mišič - Harp - Slovenia - Regional level - Worldvision 2021

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