Smetana International Piano Competition

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Pilsen, Czech Republic

Smetana International Piano Competition celebrated its 50th anniversary in March 2012. In the past, many great concert pianists won Smetana Competition. The history of the Competition goes back to the year 1963.
Smetana International Piano Competition offers competition repertoire that respects the musical freedom. Each candidate can choose the Smetana programme with a personal emphasis on virtuoso, lyrical or dance style. More than half of the Competition repertoire still consists of the Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin or Liszt compositions, personally chosen by competitors.



Conservatory of Pilsen


The participants should be aged up to 30 years old and divided in 3 age categories.

Between one and three rounds, depending on age category


Every two years

Next competition

TBA 2020

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For 2018 each applicant had to:
1) Fill in the online application form by 31 August, 2018.
2) enclose an entry fee until 31 August, 2018.

The entry fee for foreign participants in the Competition amounts to 60 EUR (entry fee is non-reversible)
The following documents should be attached to the application form for the foreign participants

  • an electronic copy of the applicant´s passport, stating the applicant´s name, date of birth and passport number
  • a portrait photograph of the applicant in an image file format required in the on-line application form

The Organiser will acknowledge the receipt and acceptance of applications and confirm applicant´s participation by 15 September, 2018.


The competition is open to Czech and foreign pianists.

Age groups

  • First category: age limit of 16 years (born in 2002 and later). The competition of the First category consists of one round.
  • Second category: age limit of 20 years (born in 1998 and later). The competition of the Second category consists of two rounds.
  • Third category: age limit of 30 years (born in 1988 and later). The competition of the Third category consists of three rounds.

For more information visit the official website.



More information about the repertoire here


First category

  1. 1st prize: CZK 10, 000
  2. 2nd prize: CZK 5, 000
  3. 3rd prize: CZK 3, 000

Second category

  1. 1st prize: CZK 30, 000
  2. 2nd prize: CZK 15, 000
  3. 3rd prize: CZK 8, 000

Third category

  1. 1st prize: CZK 50, 000
  2. 2nd prize: CZK 25, 000
  3. 3rd prize: CZK 12, 000

Special Smetana Prize

CZK 30, 000



Competition secretary
Visit original competition page www.piano-competition.com

Prize winners