Concours Luxembourgeois pour Jeunes Solistes & European Competition for Young Soloists (European)

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Luxembourg - City - Music Conservatoire (Luxembourg)
Brass instruments | Baritone horn | Euphonium | Saxhorn | Trombone | Tuba | Voice

The competition was founded in 1982 and from its conception has been intended for beginners as well as for more experienced young musicians. It is held every November in the Music Conservatoire of Luxembourg City and is organized by UGDA-Music School Luxembourg. The competition is held annually for wind instruments, strings, piano and chamber music and periodically for mandolin, accordion, percussion and voice. Every year several categories are opened up on a European level.

The category 2022 are Singing and Low Brass (Trombone, Baritone, Saxhorn, Euphonium, Tuba)



École de Musique de l´Union Grand-Duc Adolphe


The participants should be aged up to 26 years old (30 for singing).

The competition has one round.


Every year

Next deadline

TBA October 2023


Application forms may be requested from the offices of the music schools, conservatories and societies affiliated to the Union Grand-Duc Adolphe and from the UGDA Music School Office.

The application form must include 1 copy of the free compositions (soloist part) selected by the contestant. For individual competitors, the entrance fee is 32 EUR. For chamber music groups the entrance fee is 16 EUR per individual member of the group. The entrance fee has to be paid at the latest by the deadline to the bank account of “École de Musique de l´Union Grand-Duc Adolphe (UGDA)”. Banking fees are chargeable to the candidate. The entrance fee is not refundable.


In the frame of the co-operation between EMCY members, the solo categories Singing and Low brass: (Trombone | Baritone | Saxhorn |
Euphonium | Tuba) will be opened on the international level. The UGDA Music School awaits applications from all over Europe.

Solo performance
Participants perform 1 set piece plus 1 or 2 pieces of their own choice (lasting 10 – 20 minutes depending on the level). The competition is
divided into six different levels. The solo categories are open up to 26 years (singing up to 30 years)



The jury will award following mentions:

  • ‘Excellent’: from 56 to 60 points;
  • ‘Very good’: from 50 to 55,9 points;
  • ‘Good’: from 40 to 49,9 points.

A participating certificate will be issued to the competitors or groups who did not get a mention.


The jury will award the following medals:

  • Gold medal: from 56 to 60 points;
  • Silver medal: from 50 to 55,9 points;
  • Bronze medal: from 45 to 49,9 points.

Points may not be rounded off. The jury may also award the mentions ‘unanimously’, ‘highly commended’ or ‘highly commended and unanimously to the jury’ in case of exceptional results.


SACEM Luxembourg

The best laureates may be awarded by a prize offered by the SACEM Luxembourg and donators. Relating rules are laid down by internal regulation.


The diploma of the ‘Luxembourg Competition for Young Soloists’ will be delivered to the participants of the Luxembourg competition. To the participants of the European competition, the diploma of the ‘European Competition for singing and low brass will be delivered. The candidate who obtains less than 40 points receives a participation certificate.

The soloist / group who has been awarded a gold medal at the competition is considered a ‘1st prize-winner of the competition’. The medal winners of the competition may also be invited to take part in international workshops and European concerts.



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Prize winners

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