Weird Fishes

All prize winners
'Band of the Day' Prize
Nationality: Swiss
Instrument: Pop, rock & jazz

Beginning with funky rhythms, the Weird Fishes continued developing their style of music to a profoundly unique mixture, connected by a leitmotif of a progressive will to escape the process of normalization. With an unmatchable and  powerful stage-presence and a wide range of musical influences, they convey both a sense of ecstatic dancing, as well as an intense attention to detail. In 2019 they won the ”Band of the Day” prize and EMCY prize at the Schweizerischer Jugendmusikwettbewerb Jazz&Pop. 

The band members are:
Katharina Schmidt: vocals
Konstantin Aebli: bass guitar / e-guitar
Lisa Studer: saxophone / bass guitar
Lucas Zibulski: drums
Max Jappert: piano / synthesizer

Check here their Facebook page.

If you are interested in working with the Weird Fishes, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.


Weired Fishes, Aquarium
Weired Fishes, Addiction
Weired Fishes, Caviar
Weired Fishes, Delicious
Weired Fishes, Lost Potential
Weired Fishes, Mr. Fitzgerald
Weired Fishes, Retirement & Death
Weired Fishes, Phobophobia
Weired Fishes, Of Pills and Power
Weired Fishes, The Unborn
Weired Fishes, Cliffhanger (Take me back)


Weird Fishes - Addiction (Spiral Sessions)
Weird Fishes - Delicious (Spiral Sessions)
Weird Fishes - Mr. Fitzgerald (Spiral Sessions)
Weird Fishes - Aquarium (Spiral Sessions)

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