Weird Fishes

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Band of the Day

Beginning with funky rhythms, the Weird Fishes continued developing their style of music to a profoundly unique mixture, connected by a leitmotif of a progressive will to escape the process of normalization. With an unmatchable and  powerful stage-presence and a wide range of musical influences, they convey both a sense of ecstatic dancing, as well as an intense attention to detail. In 2019 they won the ”Band of the Day” prize and EMCY prize at the Schweizerischer Jugendmusikwettbewerb Jazz&Pop. 

The band members are:
Katharina Schmidt: vocals
Konstantin Aebli: bass guitar / e-guitar
Lisa Studer: saxophone / bass guitar
Lucas Zibulski: drums
Max Jappert: piano / synthesizer

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If you are interested in working with the Weird Fishes, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.


Weired Fishes – Aquarium
Weired Fishes – Addiction
Weired Fishes – Caviar
Weired Fishes – Delicious
Weired Fishes – Lost Potential
Weired Fishes – Mr. Fitzgerald
Weired Fishes – Retirement & Death


Weird Fishes - Addiction (Spiral Sessions)
Weird Fishes - Delicious (Spiral Sessions)
Weird Fishes - Mr. Fitzgerald (Spiral Sessions)
Weird Fishes - Aquarium (Spiral Sessions)