Stefan Iliev

All prize winners
1st Prize
Nationality: Macedonian
Instrument: Brass instruments
Date of birth 1996/01/10
Promoted by EMCY, Epoche_f 2016, GMAF - International cooperation in Lithuania 2016 and The International Festival «European concerts in Saint-Petersburg», 2017

Stefan’s interest for music started at an early age. He has been playing the trumpet for almost eleven years. In 2005 he enrolled in the elementary music school “Lazo Mitsev Rale” where he studied with prof. Zlatko Jovanov and Pere Melov. He advanced very quickly and won numerous awards at many competitions and played many concerts in Macedonia and abroad. In primary school he won five awards, three Special Prizes and two 2nd Prizes.

In 2011 Stefan enrolled in secondary music school in Stip “Sergei Mikhailov,” here he studied with Prof. Baze Kostadinov. In high school he won eleven awards, including a Special Prize, three 1st and four 2nd Prizes as well as three 1st Prizes as a member of a chamber band.

In 2015 Stefan entered the Music Academy in Skopje in the class of Prof. Mr. Vaso Risto. He also won two 1st Prizes that year at national and international level (Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, among others) . For example he won 1st Prize at Competition of the United Music and Dance Teachers of Macedonia in 2016.

Stefan is currently a member of the Symphonic Orchestra of Music Academy.

You can listen to Stefan on his YouTube channel.

If you are interested in working with Stefan, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.


With piano

E. Bozza – Caprice (Op.47)
R. Buotry – Trompetunia

With orchestra

A. Arutunian – Concerto for trumpet