Natalia Melichercikova

All prize winners
Golden prize as well as the Special Prize of Mayor of Banska Bystrica
Date of birth 2007/02/26

Natalia lives in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. At the age of 7 she began her cello education with Stanislava Zobalova.

She attended her first competition in the fall of 2014 as a soloist and a member of a cello quartet, winning her first prize. Since then she has won several golden and special prices in solo and also as a member of trio, quartet and chamber music group. In 2016 she won the 2nd place at the International competition of Bohdan Warchal in playing the bow-string instruments in Dolny Kubin, and the Golden prize as well as the Special Prize of Mayor of Banska Bystrica at the Jan Cikker Children performing competition.

You can listen to Natalia playing HändelBach and Webster.

If you are interested in working with Natalia, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.


With piano

J. S. Bach, Minuet No. 2
A. Dvořák, Slavonic Dance, No. 8 Rattle (Op. 46)
G. Goltermann, Etude – caprice (Op. 54)
J. Haydn, Poco Adagio No. 3 (Op. 76)
G. F. Händel, Largo from Xexses
S. Hochel, Lullaby
B. Marcello, Cello Sonata No. 2 in E minor, adagio, allegro
B. Smetana, Vltava from Ma Vlast C.Webster, Scherzo

Chamber Music

J. S. Bach, Air, from orchestral suite No. 3
L. Cohen, Hellelujah L. Denza, Funiculi – Funicula R. Lowland, The Song from a Secret Garden
J. Pachelbel, Canon in D Major
H. Purcell, Rondo
E. Suchoň, Hlboky jarcok from Ked sa vlci zisli, opus Pictures from Slovakia
G. P. Telemann, Concerto No. 2, TWV 40:202