Jooyoung Chang

All prize winners
EMCY Prize
Nationality: South Korean
Instrument: Piano/keyboard
Date of birth 1997/12/22

Jooyoung Chang was born in Seoul, Korea in a musical family with his father a conductor and his mother, a singer. At the age of seven, he started playing piano and violin and only a few years before moving to Vienna, he won the bronze prize (violin), the silver and the gold prize (piano) at youth competitions in Korea.

In January 2009, Jooyoung moved to Vienna, Austria to learn piano within the European culture. He participated in many national and international competitions.

In 2013, he won the first prize at Österreichische Jugendmusikwettbewerbe prima la musica (piano duo) and in the following year, he received the first prize at Prima La Musica competition Vienna (piano solo) with a concert in Steinway-Haus Vienna, as a special prize. He also won the second prize at Prima La Musica competition Austria (piano solo). Jooyoung is also the prize winner of the Korea-Asia Piano Open Competition.

In 2016, he received the first prize at the 14th International piano competition “Premio Citta di Padova”.

In 2017, Jooyoung received the EMCY prize at the 11th International Competition for Young Pianists ‘A Step Towards Mastery’

Jooyoung regularly gives concerts at Mautner-Schlössl Vienna and the Interact Club invited him for three years to play several concerts.

Jooyoung went to the Music Highschool Vienna and since 2015, he is studying at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG) with Prof. Zuzana Niederdorfer.

If you are interested in working with Jooyoung, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.


Piano Solo

J. S. Bach – Preludes and Fugues in C Major B.W.V.846 WTC I
J. S. Bach – Preludes and Fugues in D Major B.W.V.850 WTC I
J. S. Bach – Preludes and Fugues in B flat Major B.W.V.866 WTC I
J. S. Bach – Preludes and Fugues in C minor B.W.V.871 WTC II
J. S. Bach – Italian Concerto B.W.V.971
J. S. Bach – French Suite 5 B.W.V.816
S. Barber – Ballade (Op.46)
L. Van Beethoven – Sonata F Major (Op.10, No. 2)
L. Van Beethoven – Sonata D Major (Op.28) Pastorale
L. Van Beethoven – Sonata E flat Major (Op.81a) Farewell
L. Van Beethoven – Variation “Nel coro piu non mi sento”
F. Chopin – Etude (Op.10, No.1)
F. Chopin – Etude (Op.10, No.4)
F. Chopin – Etude (Op.10, No.12)
F. Chopin – Etude (Op.25, No.4)
F. Chopin – Etude (Op.25, No.9)
F. Chopin – Valse (Op.64, No.2)
F. Chopin – Valse (Op.69, No.2)
C. Debussy – Suite bergamasque
F. Gulda – Play Piano Play presto possibile
J. Haydn – Sonata in C Major Hob.XVI/50
F. Liszt – Etude in C Major (Op.1, No.1)
F. Liszt – Etude in D minor (Op.1, No.4)
F. Liszt – Rigoletto Concert Paraphrase
F. Liszt – Etudes d’execution transcendante No.VII Eroica
F. Liszt – Sonata in B minor
F. Mendelssohn – Fantasy (Scottish Sonata) in F sharp minor (Op.28)
W. A. Mozart – Sonata D Major K.576
S. Prokofiev – Sonata (Op.28, No.3)
S. Prokofiev – Toccata
S. Rachmaninoff – Etude-Tableaux (Op.39, No.3)
M. Ravel – Jeux d’eau
F. Schubert – Impromptu (Op.90, No.2)
F. Schubert – Impromptu (Op.90, No.4)
R. Schumann – Faschingsschwank aus Wien (Op.26)
A. Skjabin – Etude (Op.8, No.2)
P. I. Tschaikowsky – Doumka (Op.59)

With Orchestra

C. Saint-Saens – Piano concerto (Op.22, No. 2)

Chamber music

L. Van Beethoven – Sonata for Cello and Piano (Op.5, No.2)

Duo piano

S. Rachmaninoff – Six morceaux (Op.11, No.2)