Claudia Reyes Segovia

All prize winners
2nd Prize
Nationality: Spanish
Instrument: Woodwind Instruments
Date of birth 1994/10/21
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Claudia began her clarinet studies at the age of 9 with her father and later in `Ángel Barrios´ Conservatory in Granada. In 2012 she finished her studies with professor Jesús Estudillo and she is accepted to study her clarinet bachelor in Musikene (Higher School of Music of the Basque Country) with the professors José Luis Estellés, Anthony Pay, Sergio Barranco and Henri Bok. In June 2016 she was accepted to attend the Master in Clarinet Performance in the Sibelius Academy (University of the Arts of Helsinki), with the professor Harri Mäki.

During her trajectory, she has received advices and masterclass by Carlos Gil (OCG), Justo Sanz, Wenzel Fuchs (Berliner Philharmoniker), Sharon Kam (Hannover), Martin Fröst (Sweden), Hedwig Swimbergue (Belgium) and Radovan Cavallin (Gran Canaria Philarmonic Orchestra), among others.

Claudia has been awarded as a soloist and as a part of chamber music groups in Nacional and International Competition: Reicha International Competition in ISA13 Festival in Viena (Wind Quintet), European Clarinet Competiton 2011 in Madrid, II Clarinet National Competition in Madrid 2009. In 2015 she won the Second Prize in the Concurso Permanente para Jóvenes Intérpretes of Jeneusse Musicales of Spain.

In her career Claudia has taken part of: Symphonic Orchestra of Bilbao (BOS), Andalucía Youth orchestra (OJA), Granada City Orchestra (OCG), Granada Philharmonia Orchestra, Granada University Orchestra, among others. In the chamber music area has taken part of Stretto Trio ( clarinet, cello and piano) and Haizea Ensemble (Wind Quintet), with this last one participating in the Quincena Musical Festival 2016 in San Sebastián (Spain).

You can listen to Claudia here.

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E. Denisov – Sonata for Clarinet solo
G. Donizetti – Studio Primo
B. Kovács – Hommages
O. Messiaen – Abîme des oiseaux
A. Stadler – 3 Caprices for Clarinet solo
I. G. Stravinsky – 3 Pieces for Clarinet solo
H. Sutermeister – Capriccio I
E. Tailleferre – Sonata for Clarinet solo

With Piano
A. Bax – Clarinet Sonata
A. Berg – Vier Stücke (Op.5)
J. Brahms – Clarinet Sonatas (Op.120, No.1 and No.2)
N. Bugmuller – Duo
C. Debussy – Prèmiere Raphsodie
G. Finzi – Five Bagatelles
J. Françaix – Tema con variazioni
N. Gade – Fantasy Pieces (Op.43)
J. Horovitz – Clarinet Sonatina
B. Martinu – Sonatina
A. Messager – Solo de Concours
D. Milhaud – Scaramouche
R. Muczynski – Time Pieces
K. Penderecki – Three Miniature
F. Poulenc – Clarinet Sonata
A. Romero – Fantasy of Lucrezia Borgia Theme
G. Rossini – Fantasie
C. Saint Saens – Sonata (Op.167)
R. Schumann – Fantasiestucke (Op.73)
R. Schumann – Drei Romanzen (Op.94)

Chamber Music
L. Van Beethoven – Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano (Op.11)
L. Van Beethoven – Septet (Op.20)
J. Brahms – Clarinet Trio (Op.114)
J. Brahms – Clarinet Quintet (Op.115)
M. Bruch – 8 Pieces for Clarinet, Viola and Piano (Op.83)
A. Dvorak – Serenade for winds instruments (Op.44)
A. Khachturian – Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano
J. Ibert – Trois pièces brèves for Wind Quintet
G. Ligeti – Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet
J. Medaglia – Belle Epoque in Sud Amerique
W. A. Mozart – Gran Partita K.361
W. A. Mozart – Quintet for Piano and Winds K.452
W. A. Mozart – Trio Kegelstatt K.498
W. A. Mozart – Clarinet Quintet K.581
C. Nielsen – Wind Quintet (Op.43)
K. Penderecki – Clarinet Quartet
F. Poulenc – Sextet
F. Poulenc – Sonata for two Clarinets
M. Ravel – Introduction et Allegro
C. Reinecke – Trio (Op.274)
N. Rota – Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano
I. Stravinsky – L´histoire du soldad for Clarinet, Violin and Piano
P. Taffanel – Wind Quintet

With Orchestra
A. Copland – Clarinet Concerto
B. Crusell – Clarinet Concertos (Op.5 and Op.11)
A. Weber – Clarinet Concertos (Op.73 and Op.74)


Robert Muczynski Op. 43 Time Pieces for clarinet and piano (1983)
GMAF- Without borders! _Claudia Reyes Segovia
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827): Septet Es major op. 20 I.Adagio - Allegro con brio