Ana Clara Sousa

All prize winners
First Prize
Nationality: Portuguese
Instrument: Flute
Date of birth 2002/10/30
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Ana Clara Sousa began her musical studies in 2011, in the class of Carla Rodrigues at Academia de Música de Paços de Brandão.

She attended flute masterclass with Mario Caroli, Nuno Inácio, Paulo Barros, Ana Maria Ribeiro, Angelina Rodrigues, Gil Magalhães, Marcus Fergnani, Raquel Lima and a masterclasses with Jerica Pavli and Ana Catarina Costa. She also worked with maestros such as David Maslanka, Douglas Bostock, Alberto Roque and André Granjo.

She was awarded with many prizes in several competitions, as First and Second Prizes in the International Wind Competition Terras de La Salette, a First, Second  and second honorable mention in  the International Music Competition Paços Premium and First Prize and EMCY Prize in Prémio Jovens Músicos 2019, where she played a solo concerto with Gulbenkian Orchestra at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon.

She has been part of Banda de Música da Cidade de Espinho, where she worked with maestro Hélder Tavares. Currently she is a member of Banda Sinfónica da Associação Recreativa e Musical Amigos da Branca (ARMAB) and Orquestra e Banda Sinfónica de Jovens de Santa Maria da Feira, both with maestro Paulo Martins. She also cooperates with Banda de Música de São João da Madeira with maestro José Américo Belinha.

Ana Clara also played in many concerts: Concerto de Encerramento do Concurso Internacional de Bandas Filarmonia D’Ouro; Concerto in Conservatório de Música do PortoClarMeet; Symphonic Concerto with the winners of Paços’Premium in Academia de Música de Paços de Brandão. She performend in several Music Festivals such as: XI and XII Festival Hispano-Luso de Bandas de Música y Ensembles de Viento in Zamora, Espanha; Festival de Bandas de Música da Cidade de Manises, in Valência, Espanha; World Congress “WASBE” in Teatro Montecarlo in Buñol, Valência; X Festival de Música e Artes do Dão; 41.º Festival Internacional de Música de Verão de Paços de Brandão, with Sofia Escobar.

If you are interested in working with Ana Clara, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.



S. Azevedo, Birds Chattering
C. P. E. Bach, Sonate in A minor
J. S. Bach, Partita in A minor
I. Clarke, Beverley
C. Debussy, Syrinx
M. Vieira, Tre
J. Rivier, Oiseaux Tendres
G. P. Telemann, Fantasias 6, 10 e 12

With Piano

J. S. Bach, Sonate em Mi menor
J. S. Bach, Sonate in E minor
G. Brun, Romance
I. Clarke, Hypnosis
I. Clarke, Deep Blue
G. Donizetti, Sonate
P. Gaubert, Romance
P. Gaubert, Troisième Sonate
P. Gaubert, Nocturne et allegro scherzando
P. Gaubert, Madrigal
G. F. Haendel, Sonate in A minor
G. F. Haendel, Sonate in C major
J. M. Leclair, Sonate in E minor
B. Martinu, First Sonata
J. Massenet, Meditation
O. Messiaen, Le merle noir
J. Mouquet, La flute de pan
F. S. Pinto, Romança
P. Sancan, Sonatine
R. Schumann, 3 Romances

Chamber Music

I. Clarke, Maya
L. Delibes, Duet from Lakmé
F. Kuhlau, Three Duos Brillants
A. Piazzolla, Histoire du tango

With Orchestra

C. P. E. Bach, Concerto De minor
F. Devienne, Concerto n.º 2
W. A. Mozart, Concerto G major
W. A. Mozart, Andante
C. Reinecke, Ballade
F. Skroup, Concerto G major
C. Stamitz, Concerto G major

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