Competitions are a learning experience. Winning a prize should not be the end, but rather the beginning of the next stage of this educational process…

EMCY works to help as many prize winners as possible in their musical and personal development. Performance and training opportunities throughout Europe are arranged by EMCY, together with our member competitions and partners. These concerts, tours, workshops and master classes are international meeting points for young musicians and are for many an important launch pad for their musical careers.

EMCY also holds conferences for competition organisers and music educators on particular themes to enable them to come together, learn from each other and develop new bi- and multilateral cooperation projects.

To get a better idea of what we do have a look at an overview of our 2016 activities and 2017 activities.

What do you expect from the EuroRadio Youth Concert?

"For the concert I mostly expect to enjoy the interpretation of the Lalo Concerto together with the orchestra and the conductor but mostly to feel the public in admiration and joyfulness with the music."

What do you feel for your instrument?

"My relationship with the instrument is like for an author with the typewriter. The only difference is that I am neither an author nor do I communicate through words."

FermĂ­n Villanueva (Spain), cello player for the EuroRadio Youth Concert, March 2016

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