Noè Rodrigo Gisbert

Date of birth: 23.05.1992 noe_rodrigo
Instrument: percussion
Nationality: Spanish

Concurso Permanente de Jóvenes Intérpretes Juventudes Musicales de España


EMCY Prize, 1st Prize

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Noè was born in Altea (Alicante, Spain) in 1992 and started his musical education when he was 8 years old at the Conservatori Municipal Professional d’Altea, where he finished in 2010 with the highest qualifications. The following year he started the Bachelor in percussion in Zaragoza, at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón (CSMA), with César Peris, Lorenzo Ferrándiz, Verónica Cagigao, Ignacio Molins and Francisco Inglés as main teachers.

During his studies in Altea, he was a student at the Nexeduet Academy as well, formed by percussionists Jordi Francés and Sisco Aparici, and guest teachers Laurent Mariusse, Pedro Carneiro, Jean Geoffroy and Christian Dierstein.

He has attended to several masterclasses with very important international percussionists like Natxo Molins, Marc Pino, Gustavo Gimeno, Anton Mittermayr, Guido Rückel, Wieland Wetzel, Raymond Curfs, Oliver Madas and Bill Linwood in the field of Orchestral percussion; Josep Vicent, Markus Leoson, Isao Nakamura, Nuno Aroso and Philippe Spiesser, Nancy Zeltsman and Jer-Huei Chen in the field of soloist percussion.

Noè is a very versatile percussionist because he combines orchestral and soloist interest, as well as chamber music and ensemble playing.

As an orchestral percussionist, he is member of some of the best youth orchestras of Europe, such as EUYO (European Union Youth Orchestra), Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra, JONDE (Spanish National Youth Orchestra), NJO (Netherlands Youth Orchestra), Penderecki musik:akademie Westfalen, among others; and SOAP (Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific) in America (Canada).

As a soloist player, he won twice the Concurs d’Interpretació Musical del Conservatori d’Altea, at the 2007 and 2009 edition, getting the first prize in both editions and a special award for the highest punctuation of all the categories in 2009. Recently, he got the first prize in the Concurso Permanente de Jóvenes Intérpretes (Juventudes Musicales de España) and a special prize of the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY) for an excellent performance in that competition.

In the field of chamber music and ensemble playing, he has been member of the Academy for the New Music of Zaragoza, Percusiones del CSMA, Aldeburgh Contemporary Emsemble, NJO Steve Reich Ensemble and nowadays is an active member of Mbira-dúo, The Score Collective Ensemble and collaborates with the Oerknal! ensemble, Nieuw Amsterdams Peil, Slagwerk Den Haag and Asko|Schönberg ensemble.

He has personally worked with many important composers such as Steve Reich, Luís de Pablo, Anton García Abril, Jesús Torres, James Wood, Louis Andriessen and Maarten van Norden, premiering his new piece Funk Variations in April 2015 with Asko|Schönberg in the World Minimal Music Festival (Amsterdam). He also use to work with many young composers, premiering a lot of pieces in the last years in Spain and The Netherlands.

Nowadays, Noè is doing a master program at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with teachers Peter Prommel, Arnold Marinissen, Mark Braafhart, Nick Woud, Ramon Lormans, Richard Jansen and Bence Major.

Listen to Noè here and here.


Marimba solo:

T. Tanaka,Two Movements for Marimba

A. Miyoshi, Torse III

J. Druckman, Reflections on the Nature of Water

J. Schwantner, Velocities

A. Thomas, Merlin

B. Mantovani, Moi, Jeu…

J. Torres, Tiento, for marimba and vibraphone (one percussionist)

C. Hatzis, Fertility Rites, for marimba and tape

J. S. Bach, Fugue (Sonata for violin no. 1)

J. S. Bach, Ciaccona (Partita for violin no. 2)

Vibraphone solo:

E. J. Campion, Losing Touch, for vibraphone and tape

Y. Taïra, Monodrame IV, for vibraphone

L. Naón, Lettre Inachevée, for vibraphone

P. Hurel, Loops II, for vibraphone

K. Stockhausen, Vibra-elufa

Set-up solo:

I. Xenakis, Rebonds

A. Masson, Frum

C. Cangelosi, Wicca

M. Feldman, The King of Denmark

Raphael Cendo, Scratch data

H. Lachenman, Interieur I

L. Naón, Claustrum

J. Wood, Rogosanti


Timpani solo:

E. Carter, Eight Pieces for four Timpani: I. Saeta, VIII. March

S. Gómez, 101 for four timpani

Snare drum solo:

D. Kuhn, Rudi’s Mental Faux Pas

N. Martynciow, Impressions

G. Bouchet, Patchwork

Chamber music:

S. Giraud, Envoûtements II, for marimba and alto flute

L. Andriessen, Workers Union, for any group of musicians

S. Reich, Drumming

S. Reich, Nagoya marimbas

S. Reich, Music for pieces of wood

S. Reich, Sextet

T. Takemitsu, Rain Tree

B. Bartok, Sonata for two pianos and percussion

A. Dorman, Udacrep Akubrad

K. Abe, Variations on Traditional Japanese Children’s Songs

N. J. Zivkovic, Uneven Souls

A. Koppel, Toccata

E. Guimerá, Toccata

P. Glass, Music in Similar Motion

R. Pawassar, Sculptures in Wood

Soloist repertoire:

B. Giner, Images De Peaux, for multipercussion and 4 percussionists

J. Delecluse, 5 pieces breves, for percussion and piano

M. Miki, Marimba Spiritual, for marimba and 3 percussionists

R. Garcia i Soler, Concert per a marimba i orquestra

W. Kraft, Concerto for Timpani and Orchestra

If you are interested in working with Noè, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.

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