Natalia Horohorova

Date of birth: 18.02.2004 horohorova_natalia_web
Instrument: piano
Nationality: Russian

International Competition for Young Pianists 'A Step Towards Mastery'


EMCY Prize

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Khorokhorova Natasha was born on the 18th of February, 2004. In 2010 she entered a preparatory department of Ryazan Children Arts school №5 (a municipal budgetary complementary education establishment) to Naumenko Irina Ivanovna, a teacher of higher category. In 2011 she was accepted as a student of a Piano as Speciality department. She is now a third year student.

She has proved to be a diligent, responsible and hard-working young pianist. She is gifted in music, has good memory, strong will and good ear for music, she is also very capable in mastering piano technique. She manages to master large piano repertoire every school year. These include more than 30 compositions of different styles and genre.

In May 2012 she took part in a Master Class of Shklovskaya Tatyana Grigoryevna, a teacher in

Moscow Gnessin Special School of Music, a laureate of international and Russian competitions.

This Master Class was part of the city event arranged for the teachers of piano of Ryazan music and arts schools and it was dedicated to teaching piano as speciality. In April 2013 and March 2014 Natasha took part in a Master Class of Schalitaeva Marianna Schalvovna, a Moscow Gnessina School teacher and an international contests laureate.

In 2013 – 2015 Natasha’s achievements and success in music were highlighted in media, namely on the site of CSA №5, on Ryazan city administration site, on the site of regional arts education centre, on the site of Tula regional Reichel music school. Natasha’s successful performances during various music competitions were also highlighted in newspapers and TV programmes “Ryazan News” and “Echo”.

Khorokhorova Natasha participated in and won the following contests and festivals:

March 2011 - a laureate of the1st degree of the3d Open Piano Technique Competition in memory of Sergey Martynov “The Way to Perfection” (Novomichurinsk)

May 2011 – a participant of the gala concert of the city festival of popular music “The Rainbow of Success” in Ryazan

February 2012 – a laureate of the 2d degree of the open contest – festival of CMS and CAS students of Moscow Region Shatura association “Silver Cranes – 2012” (Shatura)

March 2012 - a laureate of the 2d degree of the 6th International Festival – Competition of gifted youth and children “The Golden Ring” (Suzdal)

September 2012 – a laureate of the 4th City Arts Festival “Pavlov Autumn” (Ryazan)

December 2012 – a winner of an award of the 6th International contest of young pianists in honour of Artobolevskaya (Moscow)

March 2013 - a laureate of the1st degree of the 1st Festival – Contest of Young Talants Constellation of Talants (Lukhovitsy)

May 2013 – a 3d degree award and special prize for the best recital of Russian composers’ music in the 8th Urals Prokofjev International competition of young pianists (Yekaterinburg)

June 2013 – an award in the 1st and 2d rounds of the 9th International Competition of Young Pianists “A Step to Masterliness” (St. Petersburg)

February 2014 – Grand Prize and special prize for artistry in the 1st All-Russian Piano Competition “I am an Artist” (Tula)

March 2014 – Grand Prize of the Interzonal Competition – Festival of Moscow Region music and art schools students Silver Cranes - 2012 (Shatura)

March 2014 - a laureate of the1st degree of the international musical contest Internet Music Competition (Belgrade, Serbia)

March 2014 - a laureate of the1st degree of the1st Open Regional Pianists Competition (Ryazan)

April 2014 - became a laureate of the 2d degree and got a special prize – a free of charge participation in the international master-course for young pianists in Darmstadt – of the 9th

International Rachmaninoff Competition (Veliky Novgorod)

December 2015 – Grand Prize of the 9th International competition of young pianists of Tatiana Nikolayeva and got a special prize (Bryansk)

February 2015- a laureate of the1st degree of the Crescendo Competition-2015 (New York)

June 2015 – a winner of an award of the 10th International Competition of Young Pianists “A Step to Mastery” (St. Petersburg)




J. Haydn, Sonata e moll, part 1

F. Schubert, Impromptu №4 As dur, op.90 №4

L. v. Beethoven, Bagatelle Es dur, оp.33 №1

L. v. Beethoven, Bagatelle C dur, оp.33 № 2

S. Rachmaninoff, Prelude b moll, op.32 № 2

S. Rachmaninoff, Barcarolle g moll, op.10 №3


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