Kasparas Mikužis

All prize winners
Grand Prix
Date of birth 2001/03/24

Kasparas was born in 2001 in Šilutė (Lithuania). He studied at Šilutė Music School with teacher Liuda Kašėtienė, consulted with Justas Dvarionas. Since 2015 September, after graduation of Šilutė Music School he is studying at the National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Arts, the class of Justas Dvarionas.

He received his first award in 2009 at the International festival “Little Talents 2009”. Since 2010 is under patronage of Michel Sogny Foundation “SOS tallents”, regularly paticipates in master classes and concerts in France, Switzerland, Georgia, Poland and Netherlands. In 2012 his concert was broadcast on MEZZO TV and watched by the presidents of Georgia and Lithuania.

Kasparas is winner of many international competitions: in 2013 – 1st prize at the International Competition “Young Musician Tallinn 2013”, he appeared together with chamber orchestra in Tallinn Concert Hall, in 2014 – 2nd prize at the International Competition “PETAR KONJOVIČ” in Belgrade, Serbia, 1st prize at the International Competition “Renesansas” in Klaipėda, 1st prize at International Piano Duo Competition “We play music together” in Kaunas, in 2015 – 1st prize at the International Piano Duo Competition “Brother and Sister” in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1st prize at PIANALE International Academy & Competition and signed a cooperation agreement with KNS classical music agency.

He is a laureate of the National Balys Dvarionas Competition and Grand Prix winner of the International Balys Dvarionas Competition, 1st prize winner at Vladimir Krainev Competition in Kharkov, Ukraine and winner of the Competition “Akordy Xorticy” in Zaporozhye, Ukraine in 2016.

You can listen to Kasparas here.

If you are interested in working with Kasparas, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.



J. S. Bach, Prelude and Fugue WTC 1 No. 21 in B flat major (BWV 866)
J. S. Bach, Prelude and Fugue WTC 1 No. 7 in E flat major (BWV 852)
J. S. Bach, Prelude and Fugue WTC 2 No. 2 in C minor (BWV 871)
J. S. Bach, Italian Concerto in F major (BWV 971)
L. van Beethoven, Sonata in F major (Op. 10 No. 2)
L. van Beethoven, Sonata in B flat major (Op. 22 No. 11)
J. Brahms, Rhapsodies in B minor, in G minor (Op. 79)
F. Chopin, Impromptu in A flat major (Op. 29)
F. Chopin, Etudes in C sharp minor (Op. 10 No. 4), in A flat major (Op. 25 No. 1), in G flat major ( Op. 25 No. 9), in C minor (Op. 25 No. 12)
B. Dvarionas, Impromptu in E flat minor
B. Dvarionas, First Snowflakes, Down the Hill on a Sledge from Winter Skeches
E. Grieg, March of the Dwarfs in D minor (Op. 54 No. 3)
N. Kapustin, Etude Finale (Op. 40 No. 8)
A. Khachaturian, Toccata G. Ligeti, Etude No. 4 Fanfares
F. Liszt, Grand Etude de Paganini in E major, No. 5
E. MacDowell, Witches Dance in B minor (Op. 17 No. 2)
S. Rachmaninov, Etudes-tableaux in E flat major, and in G minor (Op. 33 No.7, 8)
S. Rachmaninov, Musical moment in E minor (Op. 16 No. 4)
S. Rachmaninov, Preludes in G minor, E flat major, G Sharp minor (Op. 23 No. 5, No. 6, Op. 32 No. 12)

Chamber music

C. F. Abel, Sinfonie Concertante in B flat major No. 42
V. Barkauskas, Winter J. Brahms, Hungarian Dances No. 2,4,5,6
P. Frossini, Jolly Cabalero
V. Gavrilin, Tarantella and Waltz Th. Lalliet, Terzetto for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano (Op. 22)
W. A. Mozart Sonata in B flat major (KV 358)

With orchestra

E. Grieg, Piano Concerto A minor (Op. 16)
W. A. Mozart, Concerto in C major No. 8 (KV 246)