Cyprien Keiser

Date of birth: 19.06.2000
Instrument: cello
Nationality: Luxembourgian
Competition: Concours Luxembourgeois pour Jeunes Solistes, 2012, 2013
Prize: gold medal, SACEM Prize
Contact: through the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Born in Luxembourg, Cyprien received his first cello lessons at the age of four at the “Académie Musicale Vivaldi” in Luxembourg. He continued his musical studies at the “Musikschule der Stadt Bonn” (Germany) and Conservatoire “Gabriel Pierné” de Metz (France).

Since 2013 Cyprien is student at the “Conservatoire d’Esch-sur-Alzette” (Luxembourg) in the class of Jean Halsdorf. He regularly participates in master classes in Romania with Prof. Dr. Marin Cazacu, in Luxembourg with first cello of OPL (Orchestre Phlilarmonique de Luxembourg) Ilia Laporev and France with Prof. Jérôme Pernoo.

Cyprien succeeded at various competitions. In 2009 he was first prizewinner for solo and chamber music (trio) at the Concours Artistique d’Epinal (France) and was awarded the SACEM prize at the Concours Luxembourgeois pour Jeunes Solistes. One year later he won the 1st prize at the International Competition for Cello in Liezen (Austria) and received the SACEM prize at the European Competition for Young Soloists (Luxembourg).

In 2012 and 2013 he was awarded the gold medal and the SACEM prize at the Concours Luxembourgeois pour Jeunes Solistes.

In 2014 he was invited to play with the Symphonic Orchestra “Serghei Lunchievici” in the Republic of Moldova.

In 2015 he won the gold medal and the SACEM prize at the European Competition for Young Soloists (Luxembourg). In the same year he is invited for a concert tour of chamber music in Germany and Austria by the association EMCY (European Union of Music Competitions for Youth).

In February 2016 Cyprien succeeded the competition of admission to the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris.

You can listen to Cyprien playing Popper here and Haydn here.



J.S. Bach, Prélude from Suite No. 1(BWV 1007)
J.S. Bach, Bourrée I and II from Suite No. 3 (BWV 1009)
A. Franchomme, Caprice No. 1 (Op. 7)

With piano

A. Arutjunjan, Impromptu
J.B. Bréval, Concerto No. 2 in D Major
L. van Beethoven, Variations on a Theme from 'Judas Maccabeus'
L. van Beethoven, Sonatina in D minor
L. Boccherini, Concerto in D Major
F. Chopin, Etude No. 7 (Op. 25) – arranged by A. Glazunov
M. Corrette, Sonata No. 1 (Les Délices de la Solitude)
A. Dvorak, Mélodie
C. Dimitrescu Danse roumaine
H. Eccles, Sonata in G minor
G. Fauré, Sicilienne (Op. 78)
G. Fauré Après un rêve
F. Couperin, Pièces en Concert (Prélude, Sicilienne, La Tromba, Plainte, Air de Diable)
W. de Fesch, Arietta from Sonata No. 3 (Op. 8)
D. van Goens, Scherzo No. 2 (Op. 12)
G. Goltermann, Etude Caprice (Op. 54, No. 4)
G. Goltermann, Capriccio
G. Goltermann, Concerto No. 3 (Op. 51)
J. Haydn, Concerto in C Major (Hob.VIIb:1 ; first part - moderato)
J. Klengel, Gigue (Op. 1)
J. Klengel, Concertino in C Major (Op. 7)
F. Mendelssohn, Consolation
D. Popper, Dance of the Gnomes (Op. 50, No. 2)
D. Popper, Tarantella (Op. 33)
D. Popper, Polonaise de concert (Op. 14)
A. Piatti, Notturno  in F Major (Op. 20)
A. Rubinstein, Mélodie (Op. 3, No. 1)
C. Saint- Saëns, The Swan from the Carnival of the Animals
C. Saint-Saëns, Gavotte from Suite (Op. 16)
C. Saint-Saëns, Concerto No. 1 (Op. 33)
P. Tchaikovsky, Chanson Triste (Op. 40, No. 2) - edited by D. Popper
P. Tchaikovsky, Andante from the 5th Symphony
A. Vivaldi, Concerto in A minor
A. Vivaldi, Sonata No. 5

Chamber music

J. Klegel, Trio No. 1 for Violin, Piano and Cello in D Major (Op. 39, No.2)
J. Turina, Trio No. 2 for Violin, Piano and Cello in B minor (Op. 76)

With orchestra

G. Goltermann, Concerto No. 4 in G Major
C. Saint-Saëns, Allegro Appassionato in B minor (Op. 43)
P. Tchaikovsky, Nocturne

If you are interested in working with Cyprien, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.

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