Benjamin Zumpfe

Date of birth: 22.05.1995 benjamin_zumpfe


Nationality: Austrian

Österreichische Jugendmusikwettbewerbe Prima la Musica


1st Prize

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Benjamin Zumpfe was born in 1995 in Vienna. He started playing the piano when he was six years old; later on he also composed his own music. Benjamin Zumpfe attended masterclasses by Roland Batik, Alma Sauer and Stan Ford. In 2014, he graduated at the Musikgymnasium Wien (Vienna). That same year, he won the first prize at "Prima La Musica," Austria’s national music competition and second prize at "Jugend komponiert," the national composition competition (no first prize was awarded). He passed the entrance examinations for Composition and Piano (IGP) at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien (Vienna).

His classical repertoire includes both solo and chamber music works, ranging from baroque to contemporary music.

You can listen to Benjamin here.



J. S. Bach, Preludes and fugues C minor (WTC II)

J. Brahms, Rhapsody in B minor (Op. 79, No. 1)

F. Chopin, Etude in G-flat Major (Op. 25, No. 9)

F. Chopin, Etude in C minor (Op.10, No.12)

J. Haydn, Sonata in E-flat Major (Hob. XVI/52)

W. A. Mozart, Sonata in A minor (K. 310)

J. Takacs, Konzertetüde ‘Toccata No.2’ (Op. 120)

B. Zumpfe, Piano pieces


Chamber music:

L. v. Beethoven, Trio in B Flat Major (Op.11)

B. Martinů, Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano

W.A. Mozart, Sonate for Violin and Piano in E minor (1st movement)

F. Schubert, Sonata in A minor for arpeggione and piano (D 821, 1st movement)

R. Schumann, Märchenbilder (Op. 113, No.1 and 2)

B. Zumpfe & L. Schweighardt, Fusion (9 pieces for guitar and piano)


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