Competitors for the Orlando Competition announced


The Orlando Competition has announced the competitors for the 35th edition of the Orlando Festival !  The competition will be divided in three rounds from 11th to 13th August in Rolduc, Kerkrade (Netherlands). The first round will be on 11th, the second on the 12th and the third on the 13th. The final round will take place on the 13th in the Theatre of Heerlen.

In a three-year-cycle first dedicated to string quartets and then to piano trios, it is now the turn of the various ensembles.

Ensembles from 3 to 6 musicians have entered the competition and the jury evaluated the level of all participants very high. 9 ensembles were ultimately selected to compete this year:

  • Ebonit Saxophone Quartet (Saxophone Quartet: The Netherlands/Poland/Germany)
  • Erlendis Quartet (Guitar Quartet: Poland)
  • Flute East Trio (Flute trio: South Korea/ Taiwan)
  • Quintett ATEM (wind quintet: South Korea)
  • St. George Quintet (String Quintet: Belgium/The Netherlands)
  • Trio Affekti (Violin, saxophone, piano: Spain/Finland/Hong-Kong)
  • Trio Claron (Clarinet, violoncello, piano: South Korea / Turkey/ Japan)
  • Ventus Sextett (Wind Quintet with piano: South Korea /Poland)
  • Weiner Ensemble (Flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano: Hungary)

We wish good luck to all the competitors!

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