The Netherlands Violin Competition 2018


From the 4th January to the 20th February took place the Netherlands Violin Competition in Utrecht. The competition is dedicated to encourage gifted and promising violinists from the Netherlands.

The finals took place in Great Hall in Tivoli a Vredenburg. The new Prize winner is Niek Baar, who played Shumann Violin Concert, for the category Oskar Back.

The prize winners of other categories are:

  • Category Davina van Wely (14 – 17 years): Luna De Mol
  • Category Iordens B (13 – 14 years): Anna Schultsz
  • Category Iordens A (10 – 12 years): Kira van der Woerd

You can watch videos of the Competion on the Netherlands Violin Competition Youtube channel and you read more information on their website.

Existing since 1967, the aim of the Netherlands Violin Competition is not only to give aspiring musicians the chance to perform in front of an audience but also to help them going further in their studies by offering them coaching. Moreover, a talent support program is offered to the all of the competitors before, during and after the competition. This high standard competition is on the road to become an EMCY member.

The Netherlands Violin Competition´s aim is to promote the young violinist in an international level for discovering, developing, stimulating and allowing violin talent.

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