International Chamber Music Campus 2018


Since 1956 Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland has endeavoured to support and highlight the artistic achievements of young chamber music ensembles. Through its core values of quality, authenticity and community, the chamber music course challenges each group to realise its potential.

World class teachers guarantee a chamber music experience at the highest level. The teacher-student interaction at JMD goes far beyond that of a conventional summer course; in Weikersheim, every professor seeks to discover and mold the individual identity of each young group.Daily lessons expand each young musician‘s horizons through musical reflection and exposure to different points of view. Likewise, the intense daily rehearsal schedule and interaction with colleagues from different countries encourage students to go beyond their own boundaries and limitations.

Ensembles are offered the opportunity to perform publicly in a series of concerts, one of which will be recorded for radio broadcast. Concert promoters are invited to the performances and an internal prize granted by the Friends of Jeunesses Musicales is awarded to the ‚Most Promising Newcomer‘. Thanks to generous donations from public and private sponsors, scholarships are also available to students demonstrating need.



Application and Admission

Application is intended for chamber music ensembles already existing and aiming for a professional career. All selected participants will receive scholarships by Jeunesses Musicales Germany and only have to cover a general fee for accommodation and administration.

A jury will select the ensembles to be invited based on their artistic potential. All applicants will receive a positive or negative response by mid-May 2018. There will be a waiting list, from which ensembles may move up, should other ensembles fail to confirm their participation. Invited ensembles are requested to validate their participation by transferring the accommodation fee of 360 € per person.

Applications can be made online until 30 April 2018 at

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