13. Anna Amalia Competition for Young Guitarists


The international 13th Anna Amalia competition for young guitarists came to an end on 23rd April with the award ceremony and the prize-winning concert at the Festhalle of the Stadtschloss, which was the opening concert of the concert series "Klingendes Schloss".

1. Prizes were given in age group I to Urbaan Reiter (13 years) from Slovenia, in age group II – there were three winners of the same title - Filip Mišković (14 years, Croatia), Georgi Dimitrov (14 years, Bulgaria) and the Japanese Jeseok Bang (16 years) living in Germany, and the age group III along with the EMCY Prize to 19-year-old Pasquale Vitale from Italy

The freshly - laureled prizes inspired the audience with a varied program and Convinced with exceptionally high technical and artistic level.

Altogether 74 young guitarists had the verdict of the seven jurors Nora Buschmann and Beata Bedkowska from Germany, Martha Maters (USA), Natalia Lipnitzkaya (France), Paolo Pegoraro (Italy) and Predrag Stanković (Bosnia and Herzegovina), chaired by Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering on five full days.

Two-thirds of the participants came from the European countries, Japan and South Korea.

This years competition was Supported by the Thüringer State Chancellery, the Thüringer Ministry of Migration, Justice and Consumer Protection, the savings bank Weimar-Weimarer Land, The Sparkasse Mittelthüringen, the city of Weimar as well as several private donors.


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