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Øresunds Solist

Next competition:

06.01.2018: Danish competition, Copenhagen Music School

13.01.2018: Swedish competition, Lund School of Culture

11.03.2018: Finale, Ishøj Cultural School

Next deadline: 25.11.2017
Categories for the next
strings, winds

City: Copenhagen, Ishøj (Denmark), Lund (Sweden)
Age range: 12-21
Structure: Rounds in Denmark and Sweden with final in Copenhagen
Cycle: every year
Categories: strings, winds
Organiser: Ishøj Cultural School
Contact: admin(at)oresunds-solist.com
Website: www.oresunds-solist.com


Participants must be under 21 years old. A piece of music with a maximum duration of six minutes has to be performed either solo or accompanied by piano. It is possible to play the same piece throughout the whole competition but it is also an option to perfrom different pieces. A finalist prize is given to the participants in the final round who do not win 1st prize or 2nd prize.


1st Prize: 8000 DK

2nd Prize: 4000 DK

All semi-finalists and finalists receive 1000 DK


Application online.


The first edition of this yearly competition took place in 2002 with the aim of giving young musicians from Denmark and Sweden the opportunity to cultivate their talent on a professional level and to strengthen the cultural cooperation in the Øresund Region (the transnational region centred on the cities of Copenhagen and Malmo). The competition is open to string and winds players from 12 to 20 years old from Denmark and Sweden and is organised by Ishøj Cultural School in Copenhagen. The competition patrons are the Danish violinist Nikolaj Znaider and the Swedish trumpeter Håkan Hardenberger. Although it covers two countries, this competition is classified by EMCY as a national competition

Last updated: 05.07.2017


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