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San Sebástian City International Piano Competition (San Sebastián)

Next competition: 2019
Next deadline: To be announced
Categories for the next competition: piano

City: San Sebastián (Spain)
Age range: 1 - 24 (6 age categories)
Structure: two rounds and closing concert
Cycle: every two years
Categories: piano
Organiser: Escuela Municipal de Música y Danza
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.donostiaeskola.eus

Rules: The competition is open to pianists of all nationalities who do not exceed the age limits described in point 2 below on 23th March 2017. Each entrant may opt for only one individual category. First prize winners of previous editions may not apply for the same category.


Elementary level 1, up to age 11, maximum 60 entrants, €18

Elementary level 2, up to age 13, maximum 40 entrants, €20

4-handed, up to age 14, maximum 12 pairs, €30 (pair)

Intermediate level 1, up to age 16, maximum 24 entrants, €30

Intermediate level 2, up to age 19, maximum 20 entrants, €40

Upper level, up to age 24, maximum 18 entrants, €55

Detailed 2017 rules


All winners will receive a certificate of participation. Certification will also be issued to finalists at intermediate level 2 and upper level.

Detailed prizes 2017

Application: The following must be sent before 20h December 2016:

The entry form, duly completed. This must be done online at www.donostiaeskola.eus

  • A copy of the entrant’s identity card or passport
  • A recent passport-size photograph in jpg format
  • At intermediate level 2 and above, a brief curriculum vitae outlining musical training, teachers and marks, and prizes won.
  • At elementary and intermediate 1 levels, if there are more entrants than places available, applications will be dealt with in order of registration. Documentary proof of payment of the entrance fees for the San Sebastián City International Piano Competition by payment or transfer with no charges payable by the receiver (in all cases specifying the entrant’s full name) into the following bank accounts: La Caixa: ES 59 2100 8686 82 0200004228 Kutxabank: ES 63 2095 0611 06 1061870977 Laboral Kutxa: ES 53 3035 0092 58 0920029554
  • All the documentation must be sent by email to the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The organisers reserve the right of admission if not all entries can be dealt with. In this case unsuccessful entrants will receive a reply by 27th January 2017 and

their entry fees will be refunded. Any subsequent change to the programme must 18 be approved in writing by the organisers and can only be requested before 3rd February 2017.

Background: Founded in 1993, the City of San Sebastián Piano Competition is one of the milestones in the programme of musical and educational activities in our city. With its international impact, recognised and supported by the most important forums and associations all over Europe, it is one of the very few events at this level in Spain. After the first editions run by the Association to Promote Piano, in 2011 Donostia Kultura took over the organisation of the competition, handing over in 2015 to the Donostia/San Sebastián Municipal School of Music and Dance, which has benefited from the support and hard work of other institutions to organise it. The broad, powerful attraction of this competition has brought - and will continue to bring - hundreds of professional and student pianists from all over the world to San Sebastián. This capacity for attraction allows us to think about and hope for enormous prospects for growth, expansion and development for this event, to bring it closer to all pianists, to music schools at all levels, to audiences and to the public in general. 2017 sees the beginning of a new stage, which we presented in 2016, coinciding with the city’s year as European Capital of Culture. We have made an effort to give visibility to the work of excellent women composers which, for historical reasons, has not been added to concert repertoires despite its high artistic quality and its possible value for teaching purposes. In previous years we have never featured work by these composers and this is why this year, for the sake of historic fairness, we have devoted the event to this little- know body of work, as you can see in the competition programme. I as mayor would therefore like to thank all the bodies and institutions that will be collaborating with the Donostia / San Sebastián Municipal School of Music and Dance for their help and fi nancial support, including the Basque government, the Gipuzkoa provincial authority, the Enrique Lartundo foundation, the Ateneo Musical and Musical Fortnight, as with their cooperation we have made this competition a landmark in our city’s culture and values.

Last updated: 31.05.2017

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