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International Balys Dvarionas Competition for Young Pianists and Violinists

Next competition:

Under the High Patronage of the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė

Next deadline: To be announced
Categories for the next competition: Piano, Violin

City: Vilnius (Lithuania)
Age range: 1-20 (3 age categories)
Structure: Pre-selection by video recording followed by two or three rounds depending on age category
Cycle: every four years
Categories: Piano, Violin
Organiser: PI Natų knygynas, Balys Dvarionas Charity and Support Foundation, Vilnius Balys Dvarionas Ten-Year Music School
Contact: info(at)ipmc.lt
Website: www.dvarionas.com/international, www.ipmc.lt


The competition is open to pianists and violinists of all nationalities and is divided into three age groups.

The performances will be evaluated by an international jury. Each jury for pianists and for violinists will include 7 members.The final 3rd round with orchestra in age group 'C' will be adjudicated by all 14 Jury members. Jury decisions are final and may not be challenged or amended.


The youtube video for the pre-selection must contain a 10-15 min. recording with pieces from the 1st and from the 2nd rounds.

The competition for 'A' and 'B' age groups will take place in 2 rounds; the competition for 'C' Group in 3 Rounds (the final round with orchestra accompaniment).

In Round 1 the competitors must perform a Baroque and/or Classical work(s), in Round 2 - Balys Dvarionas composition(s). The choice of music for the rest of the programme is entirely at the discretion of the competitor within the time allowed for each age group.

Competition performance duration for each group in Round 1 and Round 2:

'A' - from 10 to 20 minutes;
'B' - from 15 to 25 minutes;
'C' - from 20 to 30 minutes.

In Round 1 and Round 2 pianists may perform solo piano works only.

All works must be performed from memory.


The Juries will award laureate titles, prizes and/or diplomas to the best competitors. The Balys Dvarionas International Competition Juries will award no more than a total of 18 Laureate titles in all groups and categories of the competition.

Laureate prizes:

Pianists Violinists
'A' group 500 EUR 'A' group 500 EUR
'B' group 1000 EUR 'B' group 1000 EUR
'C' group 1500 EUR 'C' group 1500 EUR

The Jury of the Competition is in position to award to the winner of each age group the Grand Prix title and prize:

Pianists Violinists
'A' group 1.000 EUR 'A' group 1.000 EUR
'B' group 2.000 EUR 'B' group 2.000 EUR
'C' group 3.000 EUR 'C' group 3.000 EUR


Special awards will be granted for the:

  • best performance of a piece by a contemporary Lithuanian composer - 500€
  • best performance of a Balys Dvarionas composition - 500€
  • best performance of a concerto by Balys Dvarionas - 500€
  • youngest participant in Round 2 (a particular material present)
  • etc.
Prizes and diplomas will be presented during the official closing and competition final concert.


Address of the online application form is www.dvarionas.com/application.

A non-refundable Entrance Fee is 60 EUR (A category), 80 EUR (B category), 100 EUR (C category). On payment the full name of the competitor should be given. The Entrance Fee is payable during the online registration via Paysera, PayPal, credit card or to the following bank account (if paid to the bank account, please save an original digital copy of the payment with clearly written name of the competitor):

Account number: LT61 7044 0600 0136 0492
Bank: AB SEB bankas
Bank SWIFT code: CB VILT 2X

Applications to be submitted by January 31, 2016. It is recommended to apply for the competition ONLINE. During the online application the applicant must be ready to provide:

a) a digital copy of the applicant's birth certificate or ID, or passport copy, where the name and birth date of the applicant is apparent (pdf, jpg, jpeg, png formats);
b) a digital copy of official confirmation of payment of the application fee in pdf, jpg, png, jpeg formats  (not needed if the payment will be processed during the online application via PayPal, Paysera or credit card);
c) short biography of the applicant (up to 200 words);
d) proposed competition repertoire;
e) recent portrait picture in png, jpg or jpeg formats, the size must be approx. 3 MB (suitable for printing);
f) youtube link(s) of self video recording of the programme with pieces from the 1st and from the 2nd round.


Initially in 1997 the competition started on a 2–3 year cycle, but now, after the Lithuanian Culture Ministry acknowledged this competition as an event of national significance, it is organised every 4 years.

Last updated: 18.05.2016

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