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Concours d'excellence - Confédération Musicale de France

Next competition:
To be announced Logo_CMF
Next deadline: To be announced
Categories for the next competition: Instrumental categories: accordion, percussion, woodwind, brass, plucked strings, piano, bowed strings
music theory/musicianship

City: Paris (France)
Age range: No age limit
Structure: Regional selection for national final
Cycle: every two years
Categories: Instrumental categories: accordion, percussion, rock/pop/jazz, woodwind, brass, plucked strings, piano, bowed strings
Music theory/musicianship
Organiser: Confédération Musicale de France (CMF)
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.cmf-musique.org

Rules: The competition is open to all musicians. Candidates can take part in the theory/musicianship section or in the instrumental part or in both.

Prizes: Instead of prizes, the participants can receive une mention "Assez bien", "bien" or "très bien".
The "Prix d’Excellence" is awarded to participants who receive une mention "très bien" on their instrument and in theory/musicianship.


The application form can be downloaded online here.
The list of set pieces can be found here.

Background: The "Concours d’Excellence" is one of many activities and competitions of the "Confédération Musicale de France". It brings together the best musicians from the regional federations on a national level. The final is held in Paris.

The competition has information about laureates, concerts and events also on Facebook.


Last updated: 15.04.2016

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