31st Luxembourg competition for young soloists


Competition for young soloists

The 31st Luxembourg competition for young soloists took place on Sunday, the 9th of November 2014. The disciplines in which the European contestants competed with each other were oboe, bassoon, horn and piano. The event was organised in close cooperation with the Conservatory of the City of Luxemburg.


32 out of a total number of 86 participants took part in the european competition: oboe (8), bassoon (4), horn (5), piano (15). 54 musicians entered the national competition: flute (10), clarinet (4), saxophone (16), trumpet (11), alto horn (1), trombone (3), bass trombone (1), violin (4) and violoncello (4). Within the competition the UGDA Music School commissioned the composers David Ianni, Alexander Müllenbach and Marco Pütz to create 3 pieces which were premiered on the stages during the contest. A very special thanks is due to the support of the society of authors' rights SACEM in Luxembourg, who sustains the creating of new compositions.

The musical presentations were of high quality, the results show that the talents can be found on international as well as on national level. The jury awarded in total 75 medals of which 25 gold (56-60 points), 36 silver (50-55, 9 points) and 14 bronze (45- 49, 9 points) medals were handed over to the young soloists. Furthermore 12 prices of the SACEM Luxembourg were bestowed.

The first laureates of the European competition were Martyna Korzeniewska (oboe) from Poland, Lucie Krysatis (horn) from Luxembourg and Dorote Vdovinskyte (piano) from Lithuania. The «EMCY Prize», sponsored by the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth went to Lucie Krysatis (horn).

The closing concert was given by the rewarded laureates from the young soloists competition 2013 Cyprien Keiser (violoncello), Louise Van Tuijl (viola) and the winner ensemble of last year’s jazz-rock-pop-competition «Take two to Six». The «Monday Afternoon Combo» is composed of Claire Parsons (vocals), Jacques Sanavia (string bass), Simon Hoffmann (piano), David Hoffmann (vibraphone) and Jonathan Levi (percussion).

After the presentation of the results by Paul Scholer, Director and Intendant of the competition, this event closed in a splendid final when President Louis Krameyer, André Heinen (Treasurer) and Marc Nickts (Director of the SACEM Luxembourg) presented the young soloists with their medals and certificates. The «EMCY Prize» was handed over by the Vice-President of the EMCY, Justas Dvarionas.

The next competition is going to take place 15/11/2015. More information here.

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