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25 October - 2 November, 2014.

From 25 October to 2 November 2014, IX International Youth Competition in memory of E.A.Mravinsky took place in St.Petersburg. Organizers of the Competition were St.Petersburg Government represented by Committee for Culture of St.Petersburg, Administration of Moskovsky District, E.A.Mravinsky St.Petersburg Children’s School of Arts.
The Competition had two nominations: “woodwind instruments” (two age groups:
А: 11-15 years old; B: 16-21 yeas old) and “brass wind instruments” (one age group of up to 21 years old).

111 young musicians from various cities and towns of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Turkey, the Chinese People’s Republic took part in IX E.I.Mravinsky Competition. Many of the participants were musicians from Moscow and St.Petersburg, among them – Prize-winners and Diploma-winners of National and International Competitions, students of the best musical institutions of higher education of the country, artists of youth symphony orchestras.

The main goal of the Competition organizers is to discover gifted young musicians and facilitate their further advancement to the musical Olympus.

The complex 3-round program included works of various styles – from Baroque to the modern music. According to the regulations, the Competition auditions of the participants took place every day. Round 1 was held simultaneously in Concert and Minor Halls, Rounds 2 and 3 were held in Concert Hall. Performances of the participants of Category B in the nominations of “woodwind instruments” and “brass wind instruments” in Round 3 were accompanied by “Saint-Petresburg Camerata” Orchestra of the State Hermitage.

Work of jury was organized in strict compliance with ЕМСY standards.

The level of preparation of the young musicians was extremely high; hard competitive struggle for passing into the each next round remained in all specialities during the entire Competition. The number of participants who passed into each next round exactly corresponded to the conditions of the Competition. Performances of oboists of both age groups, clarinetists of the older age group and French horn players should be specially noted.

Composition of the jury of IX International Competition in memory of E.A.Mravinsky:

“Woodwind instruments” nomination:

– Honoured Artist of Russia, Professor of N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov St.Petersburg State Conservatory, Chairman of Jury (Russia);
WOLFGANG WENDEL – Professor of Karlsruhe Higher School of Music and Heidelberg Higher School of Music (Germany);
Anatoly LYUBIMOV – Honoured Artist of Russia, Professor of Gnessiny RAM (Russia);
Jin Jingchun
Professor of Central Musical Conservatory, Head of Department of Wind Instruments of Musical College of Central Musical Conservatory of Beijing; Soloist of Beijing Musical Symphony Orchestra (China);
ALGIRDAS BUDRIS – Professor, Head of Department of Woodwind Instruments of Lithuanian Academy of Music (Lithuania).

“Brass wind instruments” nomination:

Viacheslav PROKOPOV –
Honoured Artist of Russia, Head of Department of Brass Wind and Percussion Instruments, Professor of Gnessiny Russian Academy of Music, Chairman of Jury (Russia)

Kalervo Kulmala – Professor of Sibelius Academy of Music
(Helsinki), Professor of French Horn Class of Tallinn Academy of Music, Soloist of Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (Finland);
Igor Yakovlev - Honoured Artist of Russia, Associate Professor of N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov Petersburg Conservatory named after N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov, Artistic Director of Brass Quintet of Orchestra of Mariinsky Theatre (Russia);
József Bazsinka – Professor of Tuba Class of Pécs University, Soloist of
Budapest Festival Orchestra, Hungarian Brass Quintet (Hungary).


“Woodwind instruments” Nomination, Category А

Prize 1 Li Zhilin, oboe, Beijing, China

Prize 2 Zou Huibin, clarinet; Ruan Boyi, oboe, Beijing, China

Prize 3 Dmitry Parechin, oboe, Moscow, Russia

Prize 4 (Diploma) Varvara Petrova, oboe, Moscow, Russia

“Woodwind instruments” Nomination, Category B

Prize 1 was not awarded

Prize 2 Georgy Radzevich, bassoon, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tang Shan, oboe; Yu Huijing, clarinet, Beijing, China

Prize 3 Liu Yan, clarinet, Beijing, China
Alexander Reimers, clarinet, Moscow, Russia

“Brass wind instruments” Nomination

Prize 1 Alexey Ivanov, trumpet, St.Petersburg, Russia

Prize 2 Mikhail Vinnitsky, trombone, Orel, Russia

Prize 3 Yegor Faustov, French horn, St.Petersburg, Russia
Zeng Yun, French horn, Beijing, China

Prize 4 (Diploma) David Dzedik trumpet, St.Petersburg, Russia

By decision of the jury, EMCY prize was awarded to Natalia Kasyanenko, flute, Category B.
Grand Closing of the Competition in Grand Hall of D.D.Shostakovich St.Petersburg Academic Philharmonic Society was broadcasted on-line at the website of the Competition.
Besides diplomas, prize money and memorable medals, which were received by prize-winners and diploma-winners of the Competition, by decision of the jury, special prizes established by various partner organizations and sponsors of the Competition were awarded to participants of the Competition.
Special prize “Prospect” of International “Cultural Project” Charitable Foundation for Support and Development
of Young Talents was awarded to Alexandra Kuznetsova (oboe, St.Petersburg) and Alexander Lagutin (trombone, Krasnoyarsk).
Special prize “Hope” was awarded to the youngest – Russian and foreign – participants of the Competition: Shi Aicheng, oboe (Beijing, China) and Timofey Yakhnov, oboe (St.Petersburg).
Trumpeter Alexey Shust (Moscow) was awarded a special prize of the sponsor - a flugelhorn.
The best concertmasters of the Competition were also distinguished with special prize money.

By decision of the jury, the winners of prize 1 Li Zhilin, Alexey Ivanov and the winners of prize 2 Georgy Radzevich, Tang Shan, Yu Huijung, Mikhail Vinnitsky performed at the final concert. “Saint-Perersburg Camerata” Orchestra of the State Hermitage conducted by Anatoly Rybalko performed at the concert.

The Competition was quite widely covered by mass media, a video about the Opening Ceremony was broadcasted by TNT television channel; broadcasts about the Competition with multiple interviews of the jury members, participants, organizers of the Competition were given by federal radio “Rossiya”, “Orpheus”; regional and federal printed mass media also placed information about the Competition on their pages. We can say with confidence that the past Competition has received a wide positive public response.

Judging by the multiple opinions which came to the organizers, the atmosphere of the Competition has left pleasant impressions with all its participants. The jury members, competitors, teachers and concertmasters noted the splendid acoustics of Concert Hall, the excellent organization of the Competition, thanks to which all competition auditions were held in strict compliance with the schedule, all participants of the Competition were daily provided with classrooms for trainings; they were also given the possibility of warming up before performances and holding acoustic rehearsals in the concert halls. Information on all activities of the Competition was promptly placed, including on the website of the Competition.
The cultural program organized for the participants was interesting and relevant; the young musicians visited the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, went on a city sightseeing tour.
Almost all jury members gave traditional master classes for participants of the Competition, they conducted them enthusiastically, without sparing their time. J.Bazcinka gave classes two days in a row. W.Wendel, having united in Concern Hall a large number of the flutists who wished to take part in the master class, managed to form an original orchestra of flutists which delighted of its participants and became a pleasant surprise for all listeners.

The jury members gave detailed answers to all questions of the competitors during the Round Table held on the last day of the Competition. All this is, in our opinion, a big positive creative result of the Competition, another assessment of skills of young musicians by venerable musicians
. Master classes were given by Kirill Sokolov, Wolfgang Wendel, Anatoly Lyubimov, Algirdas Budris, Viacheslav Prokopov, Kalervo Kulmala, Igor Yakovlev, József Bazsinka.
Thus, we think, that we could make this Competition businesslike, with a high level of organization, on the one hand, and free, creative, comfortable for everybody who participated in it, on the other hand.

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