Musicians of Young Hearts for Music Tour play at Copenhagen Summer Festival



EMCY´s highly successful Young Hearts for Music Tour led to two great further developments:

One is the decision of the three musicians, Nathalie Matthys, Iris Renner and Kaya Møller to continue playing as a trio! Musically and personally they went very well together, what was also proven by the enthused audience during the tour, therefore they want to further develop as a trio - Irkana.

The second good news is: They already have their first invitation to perform at a festival!

On 1st August the trio Irkana will give a concert at the Copenhagen Summer Festival. This festival has existed since 1969 and is focused on presenting classical chamber music played by young upcoming talents. The festival is one of Denmark’s most important chamber music venues and has played a significant role during the break through of many of today’s leading musicians and ensembles.

Programme of the concert.



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