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EMCY Membership

EMCY Membership

  • is proof of a competition's fairness, musical quality and international standing
  • provides competitions with support, guidance and representation
  • opens up possibilities for international co-operation - both with other competitions and with a range of related cultural organisations
  • means worldwide promotion for a competition and its prize winners:
    • on emcy.org
    • in our news
    • in other (online and printed) publications and directories with global distribution
The upper age limit for participants in EMCY Member Competitions is generally 25. Exceptions can be made, but in this case only prize winners aged 25 or younger can be supported by EMCY.

EMCY Member Competitions must abide by the Quality Standards, be willing to implement them and, if necessary, make changes to their competition in the interest of fairness and competition best practice.

EMCY Member Competitions are required to participate actively in the EMCY network: providing EMCY with up-to-date information and reports on their competition, promoting their own prize winners and those of other EMCY Member Competitions, and attending our General Assemblies and other events.

EMCY Member Competitions pay an annual contribution towards the running of EMCY and the promotion of our competitions and their prize winners.

A competition can only be accepted as an EMCY Member after it has taken place twice. EMCY is also happy to work with new competitions, however, helping them grow and adopt competition best practice.

Competitions applying for EMCY Membership must be visited by a representative of EMCY before their application can be officially accepted. If the EMCY Board approves a membership application, it will propose that it be accepted to our existing Member Competitions, who make the final decision.

Competitions on the Road to EMCY Membership

In 2011 EMCY created a new category called 'Competitions on the Road to EMCY Membership' in order to show its commitment and support to competitions which it hopes will become members in the coming years. Several competitions have already progressed from this to full membership and the following competitions currently hold this status:

International Young Talent Music Competition organised by BT Music and Performing Arts School for children and young adults - Istanbul (Turkey)
International Stasys Vainiunas Piano and Chamber Ensemble Competition - Vilnius (Lithuania)
Concorso Nationale Musicalmuseo - Caltanissetta (Italy)

For more details on how to become a member of EMCY, please contact the EMCY Office.

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